Monday, January 22, 2007


So I went to the doctor today. For no other reason than about 5 months ago I started having some breathing problems at night. Went to the doc and was diagnosed with asthma--and they suggested I see and allergist to see what was causing the asthma.

Today was my appointment with Dr. Bari, an Indian man that was very hard to understand. I was there for 3 hours. Yes my friends, 3 hours.

I was pricked 36 times and it was determined I am allergic to pretty much everything. Trees, ragweed, dust, cats, dogs, feathers, weeds just to name a few. Funny how I never knew this about myself.

I left the doctor's office with what appeared to be a shopping bag full of goodies. I feel like a frickin drugstore. I was given an inhaler, 2 things of nasal spray, 6 packets of Singulair and a breathing tester. What the heck? I'm not even sick! Ug...this is absurd in my opinion and I told the doctor that...but he said if I'd like the nights of wheezing and not being able to breathe to go away, I need to take this crap. Damn. The price to pay to be able to breathe.

And on to other things...

Elliot fell last night. He tripped on a toy and smacked his head into a wooden bench. He cried for but 10 seconds and was fine, but now he's got a nice mark right in between his eyes that looks like a number "7". Poor kid. I figure this is the start of many bumps and bruises--the way this kid climbs on top of everything, I'm actually shocked this is the first "ouchie".

The pellet stove is working good. The house is sticking around the 68-69 degree mark and we're pleased. I can't wait to get our next energy bill!! (Sorry to my friend (you know how you are) that works at WE Energies--you may be out of a job! LOL) I guess I lead a pretty boring life--I really have not much else to say.

So, I will sign off for today. I should try to get some more work done considering I took off of work to go to the doctor and was there for 3 HOURS. Ug again.

PS-I've got the fever! Keep us in your prayers that we can do some baby dancing that could possibly produce another little noodle! :)


  1. Oh, that would be wonderful, another great-nephew (or great-niece) to love!!! I will keep my fingers crossed for you!

  2. I've got baby fever and my kid is only 4 months old. Hello, nutcase! Please get yourself preggers so I can live vicariously through you...