Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Pellets. A good thing

So I really thought this blog thing would be something easily updated daily-ha! My freaking job has gotten in the way....again...

Anyway, not too much new in the land of cold days and icy roads. Yes, it has finally snowed here in Wisconsin. A few nights ago we got a couple inches--the first snowfall since sometime in early December I believe. I took a look at the temp outside just a few moments ago-8.2 degrees. Brrrrr.

We recently got a pellet stove. Figured the $700 a month energy bill was a little too much for our checkbook. So, WE Energies beware--there will be massive layoffs. We're not using gas anymore! The pellet stove is actually quite nice--it give a nice amount of heat (the house is warmer now than it was with the furnace running) and the ambiance is nice--though I still freak out when I see a flame out of the corner of my eye. That will take some getting used to. Elliot has been good with it and really has had no interest in walking near it-thank goodness.

Speaking of the porkchop, he's doing well. Apparently when Jesse picked him up at the neighbors house today, he said "Clancey Pants". Clancy is our neighbor's dog. We tried getting him to say it again tonight but to no success. The word tonight was "yeah". All night long. Ask him anything and his answer was "yeah". He seems to be growing into such a little man and I often wonder what on earth we did without him around. We must have been so boring. To those that thought we were, I apologize. It's amazing how such a little guy who can't say but a few words makes me so happy and makes me realize that this is what life is all about.

With that, I am off to search for a "too good to be true but really is true" online deal on an iPod. I tried making a deal with Jesse tonight that I would buy him a coffee on the way home if he would buy me an iPod. Seemed fair to me...

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