Friday, March 2, 2007


I decided I need to put a picture of Porchop in here :)

"You wanna be a slacker the rest of your life?!?!"

Okay, okay, okay...I'm a slacker and admit it. I get to caught up in the crap of my life (my job) and totally forget to blog. I suck.

Moving on, life is good.

Let's start with the whole camera fiasco. In November I must have begged and pleaded just enough because my lovely husband said he would order the camera I REALLY REALLY wanted (Canon Digital Rebel Xti), so he did. He ordered it through a web-site from a company based in New York. Well, a few days into the order I called and inquired about the status (because I REALLY wanted it before Christmas). The man on the phone said it was on back order and I would get in about 4 weeks. Dang.

So, 4 weeks came and went and I was without camera. I called customer service again and inquired about the order. The man on the phone said I would have it in exactly 2 weeks. I asked him "you mean I will have no earlier than 2 weeks, nor will I have later than 2 week. I will get it in exactly 2 weeks?". He said yes. I then asked for his name (because I like to keep track of these things) and he hung up on me. PISSED ME OFF. I was about ready to cancel, but decided to wait out the 2 weeks.

2 weeks came and went--no camera. I called again and the man I spoke with said it was still on back-order and I would have in another 8 to 10 weeks! Are you freaking kidding me!?!? I immediately cancelled the order. This was about 2 weeks ago. And then I was depressed and sad and actually cried.

Stinky said he would still get me the camera so I found a great E-Bay auction (from a company with VERY positive feedback) and he ordered the camera...and it shipped today!! (only 4 days after he ordered it!) I'm so freaking excited!

Well, I did a little checking on the original company where he placed the order...turns out that entire is a HUGE scam!! They had like 200 law suits against them in the past 2 years. I really wished I had checked them out BEFORE he had ordered. Lesson learned. The company is Express Cameras. NEVER ORDER FROM THEM!!!

What else...

Porkchop is doing great! He is a smart little guy. Every morning he likes to brush his teeth with mommy--but he usually does it while watching Noggin in the living room. Well, yesterday he left the toothbrush on the coffee table. I was in the bathroom and shouted to him "Elliot, can you please bring mommy your toothbrush?". Not 3 seconds later he walked into the bathroom and handed me his toothbrush. :)

He's been trying to say a lot more words lately--saw pigs on Oobi this morning and started saying "oink oink"--something I hadn't heard before! He still doesn't know "please" and "thank you" but we are working on that daily.

Stinky is good. Limo business has been slower lately, but that's normal. He's been around the house more often on the weekends--something I'm not used to. LOL

Tomorrow is my dear friend Cole's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLE!!! She's in KY and I wish I could be there to celebrate with her. Oh well...looking forward to that trip in May. :)

I heard it's snowing again (like we need more....we have almost 2 feet on the ground as it is!), so I'm going to bug out of work early today.

Love ya'll!!