Monday, April 30, 2007

An update...FINALLY!

Wow. Been awhile, huh?

So here is my apology for not keeping up with my blog. I really really try to update and whenever I think about it, a client calls me or I need to go change a diaper.

That being said, I am sorry for those that religiously check to see if I've actually made an update. I will try to do better.

Let's see--what's new. Well, the big news is that I am pregnant. Elliot is going to be a big brother. Gosh, I'm freaking out. I was an only child and thought it was cool--always had in my mind that I wanted more than one kid and now that it's finally happening, it's very scary to me. I know Jesse and I will be able to handle it and I know Elliot is going to be a GREAT big brother--just a little apprehensive about what to do with 2 kids. Here is a picture of "Cooter" (kinda small, but you get the jist):

I am almost 13 weeks pregnant and things are going much better than they had been. For the past 8 weeks or so it's been a rough road...very tired, nauseous and just feeling drained ALL the time. As soon as I hit my 2nd trimester, I felt better--I don't know if that's a thing of the mind or not, but needless to say I'm happy to be feeling better. Last Dr. appt I gained 2 that's a total of 2 pounds gained so far (though I'm sure that had to do with the Oreo's I had eaten that day and not actually baby weight).

Elliot is doing fabulous. He just got over his very first ear infection which actually was not too horrible. Went through a lot of tissue for his runny nose, but he was in great spirits the entire time. He's 100% better now. Since the weather had gotten nicer, he's LOVING playing outside. When it's time to go inside, he whines. His favorite thing to do is pick up stones and hand them to whoever is closest.

Stinky is doing well. Limo business has really picked up--prom season is underway. You cannot believe the calls that man gets--it's bad after I get home and I can only imagine it's bad during the day too. Bad-maybe not such a good word--good for business. Too bad whenever daddy answers the phone Elliot feels the need to screech.

I start band practice tonight for the Plymouth Municipal Band. We'll see how long my back can keep up with it--hurts enough as it is, but add a growing baby to the belly and I'm not sure I'll be able to play. Worth a shot, though.

That's it for now--my very short update.