Friday, September 14, 2007

Don't I just suck?

Been a while since I've posted here...obviously. Man, has the crap gone on in my life.

Yes, I'm still pregnant. Very pregnant, actually. Due date is still November 7th and we're still having a girl as far as we know.

The biggest news in the late: On August 9th at about 7:30 pm, my mom (Sue Fox) had a stroke while pitching horse-shoes at S & R Bar in Plymouth, WI. I was not there, but as the story I heard goes: she was starting to drop her horseshoes and could not pick them up and was complaining that her head hurt and she felt "woozy". Right before she passed out (while the ambulance was on its way), she threw up (and apparently was quite embarrassed by that). The Plymouth Ambulance transported her to St. Nicholas Hospital in Sheboygan, where they realized the severity of what was happened and said she needed a neuro-surgeon. There was Ron's choice--transport her to Green Bay or Milwaukee--he chose Green Bay.

Eagle III Air Medical Transport (a helicopter) came down to get her-I've heard when the helicopter comes to Sheboygan, the town literally stops. People are always wondering who it is that's getting transported. In this case, my mom was a celebrity. She's always bragged about how she got to ride in a helicopter while she was pregnant with me, not so sure she's going to be bragging about this one.

Eagle III transported her to St. Vincent Hospital in GB and checked her into the emergency room.

Let's back up a bit and tell you how I learned of all this: I was playing in the Plymouth Municipal Band at the City park (in Plymouth) for one of our last summer concerts. It was 3 songs before the end of the concert and the announcer said "would the daughter of Sue Fox please come to the podium". My heart skipped a beat but I figured it wasn't anything to be concerned about so I played the next song. I feel horrible about that. After that song, another band-mate passed down a note that read "mom-helicopter Green Bay". I freaked, told the director I was leaving and knocked a music stand down on my way out. I ran to my car, called Ron and he told me what had happened. I met Ron and Jesse at mom's house and we headed up to Green Bay.

When we got to St. Vincent, we were taken to where mom was lying. That was the worst possible image I have ever seen. She was flat on a bed with so many monitor's around her-something one would see in a movie. I couldn't stop crying. Dr. Ot's came in (the neuro surgeon) and presented us with an x-ray of mom's head--there was a deep bleed. I even knew that what I was looking at was not good. Our only option was to drain the blood in her head--so they would have to do essentially brain surgery. There was nothing else to be done, so we said do it--Ron signed the consent form.

About 2 hours later, we were able to see mom in the neuro ICU. It was horrible. She had a big drain/tube coming out of her head, was hooked up to a gazillion monitors and even had a breathing tube. She was no coherent at all, so we decided to get some sleep at a nearby hotel.

The next morning we went to see her again--nothing. She was alive and that was awesome, but there was nothing. No waking up, no was so hard to see her like that.

The next few days were a blur--it was the weekend. I do remember calling a lot of family members and friends of mom explaining what had happened. I don't know how I got through that weekend.

Every day got a little better. She was off the breathing tube within a few days--but did have IV's galore--so they hooked her up with one of those internal IV things. Within a week or so she also was hooked up to a feeding tube via her nose (which she in turn pulled out one day).

After about 10 days the drain was still in her head doing what it needed to be doing--draining. Dr. Ot's said 10 days is pushing it with a drain like that so he decided to clamp it and see what would happen. For about 8 hours she handled it well--then didn't do so well. So, instead of keeping the drain in, a shunt was placed in mom's head and is currently draining (and will drain for the rest of her life) into her bowel.

After about a week in ICU after the shunt was put in, she was well enough to move to a normal room. After a week in the normal room, she was transported to Rocky Knoll, where she is currently staying.

Everyday is a blessing and we're seeing improvement with each passing day. Though it's quite hard that mom is not there at the house when we visit and she's not there to talk to on my way home from work everyday, she's still "there" and that's what's most important.

I'll back back with updates at a later date--wanted to get this documented...