Sunday, September 21, 2008

Both kids are napping. Holy crap.

Yes, it's true. They're both down. Together. Sleeping soundly. Dear God, what did I do to deserve this peace? Jesse is out with his brothers and I am surrounded by peace and quiet (aside from the rumblings of a washing machine...)

Life is good.

So I need to comment about a key-note speaker at the WAHU (Wisconsin Association of Health Underwriters) conference I was at last week. His name is Byrd Baggett and was by far the most unbelievable speaker I have ever heard. Ever. (yes, Whit, he beats out Ronald Kirk Haas.) He did this "Seasons of Growth" seminar that had me laughing and crying--along with everyone else in the room. He's big into quotes and here are a few of my favorites:
"Follow the trail to your dreams, not the path of others’ expectations."
"Integrity is a choice. It is consistently choosing the purity of truth over popularity."
"We must have the freedom to dream, the courage to risk, the faith to believe, and the will to succeed."

If anyone EVER has the opportunity to hear him--GO!! Seriously. Amazing.
Did I mention that my house is quiet?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Holy crapola. Wow. So it's been determined that I suck at updating this thing.

I will try to keep up, really I will. Life has just taken this turn that is uncontrollable at some points--certainly not a bad thing. Just busy. I will do some updates in points and hopefully that will be easy to understand. I apologize in advance if this appears to be a ramble.

Elliot is forever my little man. He just turned 3 and it's still hard for me to believe he's already that old. Seriously, didn't I just birth him? Sometimes the kid is an angel, other times I swear he is the spawn of Satan. He's typically a 3 year old but I love him to pieces. He started preschool last week at a local church because we felt he needed some child-on-child play as well as other adult authority. Turns out it's working pretty well. He still has troubles in the drop-off, but his teachers seem pleased with his attitude and ability to follow directions. Yesterday they said he went down the slide for the first time at the park. He's NEVER done that with us, so I'm proud of the little guy.

Emerson is a chub. I love chubby babies and she sure falls in that category. She's a gem. She's got such a personality at 10 months old, it's not even funny. She's very into "mama" and loves her brother too. Daddy has a spot in her heart too. She loves "crunchies" and pasta. She loves to snuggle in daddy's arms and sleep there for hours. She loves to watch Noggin and play with Elliot in his room. Em is my little sweetie.

My mother had another stroke on August 14, 2008. It wasn't as bad as the first, however she was flighted up to Green Bay (Bay Care) again. She was in ICU for 3 days and returned to Rocky Knoll where, if I had my guess, she will remain the rest of her life. I've accepted that...mostly. I still ask "why did this happen to her", but I'm afraid that's not a question that will get answered. God had a plan for her and this is it and everyone needs to accept it and embrace it. I visit her as much as I can, but to me, it's never enough. I'm not sure if she's okay with as often as I visit, because I'm truthfully not sure if she remembers the last time I was there. Physically, she's not able to walk or even stand. She has to be cathed every 6 hours and is in her bed a lot. Mentally, she forgets things short term but can remember so many things from so long ago. We played Trivial Pursuit the other day and she was amazing. Still kicks butt in Jeopardy too. She loves to see the kids and I enjoy spending time with her. I will never know why God chose her for this path, but I will continue to be as strong as I can for her.

Jesse is still my busy, cute hubby. Limo business is good. He's so handy it's not even funny--changed the oil in 3 cars the other day. He also moved the furnace from the first floor into the basement one afternoon. Oh, and he re-did the plumbing too. (yet, I'm still waiting for my ice maker on the fridge to be hooked up...that's been only 5 years wait...). Yes, he starts one thing and doesn't finish, but I love him and know that's what he does. That's Jesse and I'm fine with it.

Me. Well, I am good. Love my job, love my is decent. Yes, it's busy (about to get busier) and sometimes I amaze myself that I am able to do as much as I do. My boss said something to me today that I really thought about. He said that I am the most level headed person he knows. I have 2 kids under the age of 3 1/2, a husband that is gone a lot, a job that is 45 minutes away, a mom that is a victim of 2 strokes...but yet I can handle it all. I amaze myself, really.

(no pics of me...sorry...I'm always the one TAKING the photo....)