Thursday, April 29, 2010


It's Thursday. Today was the day of the consult with Jill.

I got to the hospital with time to spare and made my way up to the 3rd floor fertility clinic (with their own private entrance, which is kinda nice) and was greeted by a friendly person behind the desk who made a point to comment on my cute purse. Okay, they were golden after that.

I sat and waited for no more than 5 minutes when I was greeted by Jill--she just looked nice. We went to a "meeting room" of sort and away we went.

First, family health/my health history was discussed. Lots and lots of questions, but necessary. Then, we went over the "process"...from start to end. She gave me TONS of info to process and it's a lot to take in, but I'm so ready. There's a bunch of stuff that needs to take place before we can even begin to think of a transfer: psych evaluation for both my husband and I, FDA tests (I'll address that in a sec) and other lab-work.

So, the FDA tests...being a gestational surrogate, in the eyes of the FDA, is along the same lines of being an organ donor. There are a number of tests that I (and my husband) need to pass in order to be "accepted" by them. This was a bit of a surprise to me, but I understand why. There will be lots of blood draws. Thankfully, needles don't scare me. :) Hopefully the hubby will be good with all.

Oh, and once we get to the point of getting my ute (short for uterus) ready, I will have to give myself injections once a day...and then continue them for 3 months after I'm preggo. And one of those injections for some period of time will have to be given by my husband. WOO! Man, I'm so glad he's on board with all of this.

After all the talk was done (a good hour), I was given a tour of the facility. Every single person working there made a point to say hi. It didn't feel like a normal doctor's office. It was much more personal. Jill showed me a locked door and explained that's where they do the actual embryo creation and that's where they are kept frozen. To think that Steve and Sara's baby is in that room waiting to come to life is just amazing.

I also met the RE (the doc) and he was just as nice as the nurses. This is a good place. I feel good about everything.

Next step: CMV test (to make sure the husband and I aren't carrying some funky antibody's around)

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