Thursday, April 22, 2010


Jill. I don't know Jill. Talked to her briefly on the phone today and she sounds like she's a good person. I don't know her title, but I understand Jill is the "case worker" of sort at the specific doctor's office (we'll call him "Dr. S") that "deals" with all the people that are dealing with fertility issues. So, Jill has to be cool. I think she is.

"Steve" called me today and let me know he spoke with Jill and gave her the heads up about me. The next step was for me to call her and make an appointment with her to go over whatever it is that they need.

A minor set-back in the process...not a HUGE deal, but a little disappointing...I can't start any hormone testing until I'm done nursing. And that hormone testing has to wait for 12 weeks after I stop nursing. Bummer. I had already planned on weaning London in the next 2 weeks, so it's all good.

Fortunately, we can do some other "stuff" during that 12 weeks...some different testing and what not--so all should be okay.

So, the appointment with Jill is set. Consult is on.


Oh, and side note--London started walking today. WOO!

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