Friday, May 7, 2010

Meeting number 2

Steve and Sara came over last night to go over some things and to discuss the contract and get some finality to all the legal "stuff".  Looks like we're all on the same page.

I really like them.  A lot.  They're fun to hang out with.

It's funny--the first time we met, I know I was a little nervous about it and I'm sure my husband was too.  Now, it's getting more and more comfortable to be around them and frankly, I keep getting more and more excited each time I see them.  This is an awesome thing and I just hope and pray it all works out for everyone.

Both my husband and I had our blood draws this past week for the CMV test--however, I talked to Jill today and she informed me we were jumping the gun a bit on the blood test--so I miss-understood something along the way.  But, after further discussion, we might be okay and will hopefully not have to get re-tested. (PS-mine was negative, which is a good thing).

Jill and I discussed a timeline of "major" events and here's what they are:
I will stop nursing as of tomorrow (May 8)--which is London's birthday.

12 weeks from that date is August 1.

Husband and I will get our psych evals and FDA labwork done mid June (per Jill, we cannot go in any earlier than that).

I will get a SHG between 5-10 days of a cycle, assuming I have one in these 12 weeks. If I do not have a cycle, they will prescribe me Provera.

Once my cycles get going, we can implant!

The way Jill is making it sound, we could have an implantation as soon as Aug/September! I did ask her "what if" it didn't take the first time and it's pretty non-invasive for me to do it again. Also, she said most couples will choose to do at least 2 cycles (if the first didn't "take") but that's the decision of Steve and Sara.  But, it's going to take on the first try...I know it!

So, we have to have a lawyer review the contract and then we all have to sign the consent form with a there's some paperwork and just "housekeeping" stuff that needs to get done in the next few weeks--but I'm thinking we're all on the same page with everything, so I'm not horribly concerned about anything.

Just excited for this whole process.  Wish it would happen sooner rather than later, but it'll be worth the wait :)

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