Sunday, June 27, 2010

Looks like we're "normal"....who wouldda thunk it?

On Friday, my husband and I ventured up to Green Bay to see Dr. Kevin Miller.  I had a little expectation of what I thought would go on in the psychological evaluation but turns out I was off.  Way off.

Our appointment was at 9:00 and we got there at about 8:50--I thought being late would get that meeting off to a bad start.  Not that I'm ever late for anything (I'm really not).  His office was located in the basement of a small office building.  We opened the door and I yelled "hello"....there was no receptionist, nothing--just some magazines spread out on a table and a couple chairs.  "I'll be right there" we heard from a distant room.

So, we sat and waited a couple minutes and got a chance to review the place that I thought would be like an interrogation room.  There was something on the wall from the Air Force and I had remembered reading his bio online--he was in the Air Force, but to what extent I'm not sure.  There were a few diploma's on the wall as well.  Dr. Miller (or, as we had to call him..."Kevin"....came out of the room.  A younger guy, tall with glasses, he was a little intimidating.  We walked into a different room and it housed your stereotypical couch, table with tissues and I noticed a stack of empty Diet Coke cans. 

Going into this, I thought that he was going to read a list of questions from a book (something like "Do you feel you're the spawn of Satan") but it was nothing like that.  He asked my husband about his family history, asked me about mine--talked about our jobs, our house, our kids...after about 45 minutes he said "well, I'm supposed to give you a test on the computer, but I'll give you one question now and if you answer it correctly, you won't have to take the test".  Sweet.  So, he looked at me and said "true or favorite poet is Robert Munchfagle".  I looked at him and said I had NO idea who that was so I said "false".  He said that was correct--Robert Munchfagle was a fictitious person he made up.  He wanted to do one more and said "true or favorite hobbies are archery and stamp collecting".  I looked at him and said "false"...he didn't look like the type to do either.  He said that was correct and I wouldn't have to take the test!  WOO!

So, he created a bill and said he would give our results to the clinic once it was paid---and I asked if it was going to be a "good" report--he couldn't say yes or no for the record, but said "yeah, you guys are just fine".

Since we finished up with that about 2 hours ahead of schedule, I called Jill to see if we could pop in there a little bit earlier than our planned appointment for our lab work.  She said no problem, so off we went to the clinic.

We walked in and were greeted by the receptionist and not a minute later, Jill came out and took us back.  My husband had about 5 things of blood drawn and a urine sample taken.  He was then given a questionnaire (the same I was given with Reglera, the organ donor thing).  Questions like "have you had sex with a man in the last 12 months..."  As he was filing it out, he kept laughing--some of those questions were just funny.

While he was filing out the questionnaire, I had 7 things of blood taken.  Most all of his and my blood were then packaged up and sent off to an FDA lab for testing.  I really have no idea what they're looking for, but it's a requirement.  I'm guessing stuff like infection, HIV, drugs, etc...

I also had a urine sample taken and then both my husband and I were lead into an exam room and I was instructed to disrobe from waist down.  When Jill came back, she had lots of questions for me--specifically about my ear piercings and tattoos and when I had gotten them.  Like I remember! LOL  She then took some cultures, instructed my husband to drop trou and left the room.

I didn't know my husband was going to have to go through an exam as well, so I felt bad--but being the awesome trooper that he is, he was fine with it.  So, he went through the same questions as I did about piercings, tattoos (of which he has none) and Jill "checked him out" just to make sure all looked fine.  And it did.

After we had gotten dressed again, we sat with Jill for a bit and talked about time lines, what to expect next, etc...

If all goes according to plan and I have "normal" cycles, we're looking at implantation around September 29th!!  SOOOOOO EXCITED!!!

After the appointment, my husband and I grabbed lunch at the hospital (and seriously, if you're ever around Aurora Bay Care in Green Bay and want some food, that was some good stuff!).  On the way home, I called Sara and told her all the good stuff that went on over the course of the day.

Now, we just have to pray that I have some normal cycles and all goes well with the lab work and testing!

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