Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lots and lots going on these past couple weeks.  Wish I could say I was pregnant.  Not yet...but getting closer!

Last week me took a drive with Steve and Sarah and met with their lawyer (Trista).  There were some things in the contract that she had questions on and some things we had missed...so we openly discussed what we needed to and came to an agreement about it all.  There were little things like:
  • If I get pregnant and the baby is stillborn, will I still get paid...
  • Should I have a maternity clothes allowance...
  • After the 2nd tri I cannot travel outside the "Midwest" and we had to define what that was...
  • If I'm unable to work for a period of time, will they compensate me....
Stuff like that.  My husband and I enjoyed our drive with them (it was a good hour away)--I enjoy them more and more as a couple every time we hang out.  And each time we hang out, it solidifies my choice to do this.

I should have the updated agreement in my hands in a few days--at that time, my cousin (a fantastic lawyer) will review to make sure everything is covered as far as my husband and I are concerned and we should be on our way.

While at the lawyer's office, we also signed the Aurora (medical group) document and had that notarized.

My husband and I have our psychological evaluations this coming Friday!  I'm actually looking forward to it and I know that's weird, but having someone ask me if I think I'm the spawn of Satan sounds like a good time. LOL  (and seriously, I hear they ask those kind of questions)  Dr Miller (the psychologist) seems like a good doc/guy and, though I want to get this part over with, I'm excited to see what he "thinks" of my husband and I.  After our psych evals, we have an appointment at the fertility clinic for a crapload of lab-work and cultures.  Both hubby and I.  Guess the FDA needs to be REALLY sure that we're okay.

I scheduled my SHG (sonohystogram) for July 13...that's assuming I have a "normal" cycle this go around.  I should get AF on July 7, so that would be good. Praying for a normal cycle! 

I'm still as excited about this as I was when I first thought about it nearly 5 years ago.  I see Steve pretty frequently and just knowing that I will be giving him a child of his own makes me smile.

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