Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Waiting blows.

Ug.  This whole waiting thing really kinda stinks.  I mean, I understand the whole 12 week thing, but we're not even up to 30 days yet.  I'm getting anxious. 

No real updates here....I haven't cycled yet, which I guess I kind of expected. 

Remember all that lab work that my husband and I had done--well, my insurance covered it.  Which is good for "Steve" and "Sara"....one less thing for them to take care of.

I think I heard Steve mention that he's got a meeting with the lawyer this month...probably will have to change some things in the contract.  Regardless, I'm not too worried about anything.  We've agreed on everything so far.

I am working on setting up an appointment with the psychologist for my husband and I to do our psych evaluations...it's Dr. Kevin Miller http://www.kevinphd.com/

He seems pretty cool considering my first e-mail from him trying to pin down a time was "I'll try not to torture you and your husband too much"....ACK! LOL.  Gotta get that done, though.

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