Thursday, July 15, 2010

First big hiccup.

Remember that SHG I just had?  Remember how I said I had a polyp?

Well, apparently it's an issue for Dr. S (the RE, not my doc).  Said it could be an issue when it came to implantation.

So, Dr. S's office has recommended I have it removed. 

I'm fine with that, insurance will not cover it (because it has to do with the surrogacy).  So, Sarah and Steve would have to pay for the tune of $3000 (roughly).


I spoke with my doc this morning and he doesn't think it's a big deal.  He said I'll probably be fine and we should just push forward.  Unfortunately, that's not his or my call.  It's ultimately up to Sarah and Steve.

I left a message for Sarah to call me and talk about this.  I'm 100% willing to work with them on this...I just don't know how they feel about it.  Are they willing to fork over the money to "let" me have the procedure?  Is this an end all to everything we've already accomplished?

The "surgery" is really not a big deal.  A couple incisions, remove the thing (do basically a D & C) and I'm done.

Oh, and the's 4mm x 2mm.  Yeah. 

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