Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Poked. Prodded.

As I made my way to the clinic today for the SHG and "routine" woman checkup, I was a little apprehensive, scared and excited.

Checked in for the SHG and a lovely nurse (Jill) took me back to an ultrasound room and asked me to drop trou.  I did and laid on the table, ready for whatever it was I was going to have happen to me (and really, I didn't have any clue).  She first did an ultrasound (NOT on my stomach, if that helps set the picture) and we chatted about her infertility issues many years ago.  She was very nice and it made what she was doing to me seem a little less "invasive".

When she was done she said "okay, I'll go get the radiologist and we'll get started".  WHAT?? Man, I thought I was done!

So, I waited a few minutes and in walked the Doc and Jill.  After some prep work, they were ready for the "real" test.

What is an SHG, you ask? 

The sonohysterogram, or saline ultrasound, is a procedure where saline is injected into the uterus while an ultrasound is performed. It is used to look for polyps, fibroids, and other uterine abnormalities that may get in the way of fertility.

Yeah, that's what I had done.  It took about 1/2 an hour...wasn't all that horrible.  A little cramping here and there, but it was fine.  They did find a very small polyp near the fundus (roughly 2 mm in length) and I'm not sure what's going to happen with that.  I'll wait for the RE to tell me what he thinks.  My doc thinks it won't be an issue, but we'll see...I truly hope it's not.

So, after that lovely experience, I headed up to the 3rd floor to see my OB doctor for my annual exam.

(okay, this next part has nothing to do with the surrogacy, but I have to tell it because it will give you a very clear picture on how cool my doc is)

After I disrobed, he walked into the exam room and we chatted for about 15 minutes about life, the surrogacy, a whole bunch of stuff.  When it was time for the exam, he stepped out to get a nurse to assist. When he came back into the room, he had his iPhone in his hand...was he making a call?  No.  He pulled up his music player and put on a Styx song!

Backtrack about 5 years...I had always been a Styx fan (a HUGE Styx fan) and after I had my son, as a gift to my doctor for being such a great doc, I bought him a Styx CD.  Well, with each baby after that, I bought him a Styx CD...I guess it's my "thing".  Strange?  Maybe.   He always seemed very appreciative of it, so I thought it was cool.

Back to the appt...so he starts playing a Styx song and does his "thing".  The nurse needed to be filled in on the whole reason why we were listening to music, but she thought it was cool too.

That exam went well.  All is good in the land of obstetrics.

So, he's excited for the surrogacy and hopes to see me in a couple months. I hope so too.

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  1. You forgot to mention that you have a cruch on your OB. LOL @ Styx being played while you get a pap. Love it!