Thursday, August 12, 2010

Aunt Flo-where you be, girl?

She never showed.  Not even a glimpse.  WTF.

I was doing so good! Period's right on schedule--then, the one where it counted I got nothin'.  So, I talked to Jill on Monday and she called in Provera for me.  I have to take it for 10 days, then I should get a period within 2 weeks.

More waiting.  Lovely.

I also talked to "Steve" the other day about the polyp.  Basically, they want a 2nd opinion, which I totally understand and agree with.  So, when I go to the clinic for my next ultrasound, they're going to check that out too. Who knows, maybe it's gone...maybe it's smaller...and then we'll make a decision on what to do.

Do I want to get it out?  Only if I absolutely have to--it's an outpatient surgery, so I'd be out of commission for at least a day--not something I have time to deal with, but can make it work.

So, we'll see...

Oh, and I've got a booger of a cold right now.  Me and the 3 littles.  So much fun.

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