Friday, August 6, 2010


So we hit the 12 week mark on August 1st.  YIPPEE!!  All systems go.

Not so much.  Nothing huge, but Aunt Flo hasn't come.  The ONE cycle that really could count for something and she's not showing her face.  If I counted right, I should have gotten her on the's now the 6th and nothing.

So, I will give it until Monday--if she doesn't show her face, I'm calling Jill--she can put me on a med to make me have it.

Just annoying.

Other than that, all is good.

Oh, I don't think I wrote about this.  We were almost going to be on TV!!  I found a post on a message board from a woman who's the casting director with High Noon Entertainment (Cake Boss, House Hunters, etc..).  They are doing a show on alternate fertility/family things.  We corresponded and we were just a little too late in our "entry"...but we're next in line.  So, if something falls through with any of the couples, we may be in! 

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