Friday, September 24, 2010

Freaked out

Okay, don't let that title scare you.  I'm not freaked out by anything bad.  I'm not freaked out by getting pregnant or needles; I'm not freaked out that nearly half of the RE's office has seen my va jay jay--no, I'm freaked out that everything has been running so smoothly.  Something is bound to happen and that scares me.

I was supposed to get AF yesterday.  AF is extremely important during this whole process.  She didn't show.   So, I got on the phone with Jill and was asked to come in for an ultrasound and lab work (estrogen levels)...last night, I though she might have been starting, but when I woke up, nothing. this morning I drove up to Green Bay for that appointment; prior to my ultrasound, I had to use the restroom--so I did--and guess what....AF!!  Very happy she showed, kinda pissed because had she done that yesterday, I probably wouldn't have had to drive up there for the ultrasound today.

Anyway, my lining is thick (expected) at 13, so I need to go back next week for another lining check and then they'll also repeat the FDA labs.  They took some blood today for the estrogen and just got a call--they want it under 40 and mine was at, I need to stay on the Lupron at 20 cc's for a bit yet.  I'll have a re-eval next week, but I'm still projected to start the progesterone on the 2nd.

Back to the freaking out part.  We're still on schedule with everything-the only "major" thing that has gone wrong was that polyp--but that's no longer an issue.  I truly hope that everything else continues to go as smoothly as it has been!

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