Thursday, October 7, 2010

Another ultrasound--I'm getting good at these!

Had another ultrasound scheduled for today--thought my appointment was at 7:30 and when I waltzed into the clinic all cheery, the woman at the front desk (Marie) says "Are you okay?"  "Of course I am" I replied.  "Why?" 

Apparently, they had me down for 6:45....


All was good, though--Dr. Mark was there and they were still able to do what they needed to do.

Had my blood drawn and then went into the exam room for my ultrasound.  Usually when I get the u/s, it's only Dr. Mark and Jill in the room--well, today I had the norm and also 2 other women!  One was a nurse and the other was a med student--no biggie to me.

Had the ultrasound and my measurement was 12--which is great! I heard Dr. Mark say  "you're going to be just fine to accept a pregnancy".  WOOOO!

After that, I asked Jill for one more "please make sure I know when I'm doing when I give myself the progesterone shot" lesson--I think I'm all set now.

Got a call back from Jill a few hours after my appointment with my "level"---I still need to figure out what these numbers mean...anyway, it was 71.1, which I guess is good right now.  They want it to be over 200 by transfer date and we're well on our way.

So, here's what's happening....I bumped my Estrace pill up to a full pill twice a day, starting today.  I get to stop the Lupron shots on Sunday (woo!).  I have another ultrasound on Monday (in Milwaukee) and then I have the mock transfer in Green Bay on Friday.  I start progesterone shots on Saturday (the 16th).

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