Friday, October 15, 2010

My last ultrasound was today..., kinda sad about that.  I'm not sure why.

Got to the hospital this morning with my littlest juiceball in tow (London).  I was sad that Jill wasn't there to greet me :(  A different nurse (Nikki, I think) took me back from my normal blood draw and then I went into the exam room and dropped trou.

Nikki, Dr. S and some other woman (a med student) came in minutes later and did the ultrasound--I was still measuring at 13, which is perfect!  They also measured something else to basically determine where they will place the embryos...I heard the number "8", but have no idea what that means.

I also got a call from the Doc that my Estradiol number is at 376, which is great also!

Got my directions for my next steps, starting tomorrow (Oct 16):

Begin Progesterone injections (use 22 G needle to draw meds and 25 G needle to administer)

Begin Doxycycline 100mg 1 tablet 2x a day (with food)

Decrease Estrace to 2 mg tables 2x a day (right now doing 3x a day)

They asked me if I wanted a relaxation massage before the embryo transfer on Wednesday...uh, HELL YEAH I do!  So, I'll get a little pampering before the procedure. :)

Transfer is set for 1:00 on Wednesday!!!


  1. Yay!!! Oohhh I hope I can get a massage before mine too!!! I wish you and your IP's the best of luck. Are you gonna POAS during the 2ww?

  2. I bought 10 tests--I'm a big fan of the POAS! Wonder when I can start that....hmmm.....