Sunday, October 24, 2010

Waiting = HARD!!!

This whole waiting thing is kinda tough....on one hand, I want to test today...but on the other hand I don't.  It's still pretty early (only 4 days past transfer).  If I tested and got a negative result, I'd be totally bummed...but then again, if I got a negative result, it's still early, ya know?  But if I got a positive result, I'd be elated. Do I risk it?


I think I'm going to wait...Maybe I'll wait...Yeah, I'll wait...I think...


  1. I didn't test early in my first journey because I didn't even think about it . . . the second time I got a faint positive Day 4, but it was with twins, so my numbers were higher.

    Maybe just wait a few more days, because I've found through other surro friends even though you tell yourself you're testing early and don't want to bum yourself out, chances are you will be . . . even if a few days later it's positive.

    But you know yourself best!

  2. As hard as it is, I think you should wait a few more days before testing. It's always hard to see a negative even if it's just due to being a little too early. Keep thinking positive, I know I am!