Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Yup, another one.

Like I said, I'm getting good at these!

Had another ultrasound yesterday, but did this one at the fertility center in West Allis (which is less than 20 blocks from my work)--just more convenient.  So, I follow the normal process (blood draw first, then u/s)...but the doc that did the u/s this time (a woman) made me so crampy! I'm not sure what she did differently, but it almost hurt!

Anyway, I survived..lining was at 13!

I had valet parked my car at the clinic (because I had not been there before and wasn't sure where to go, etc...)....so I waited and waited for the valet to bring me my car...and it took forever.  Turns out he couldn't get it started! LOL  I've been having that issue for a couple weeks, but NEVER thought about that when I dropped it off.  OOPS.  He did end up starting it and I was on my way.

(stopped at Sammy's for lunch...if you're ever in Milwaukee and want a good Hot Dog (and I had mozz sticks too) go to Sammy's!!)

Got back to the office and got a phone call from Dr. Mark's office--they said everything was looking "fabulous"--my level was at 282 (and at this point they want it over 200, so all is good!)

I have the mock transfer on Friday!  Not quite sure what that entails, but I'll update after I have it :)

And, just because I want to spice up my blog with a picture every now and then....(which has absolutely nothing to do with the surrogacy...LOL)

I was thinking yesterday--in 2 weeks, there's a chance I could have a positive pg test!!!

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