Monday, November 1, 2010

A non-update.

Just wanted to update....with nothing at all.... LOL

It's weird.  The surrogacy has been a huge part of my life since April and on one day, it just kinda went away.  No more ultrasounds, no more pills, no more injections.  It's odd to me for some reason--and in a way, I miss it.  "You miss giving yourself a shot??"  Yeah, kinda.  Because the reason WHY I was giving myself the shot was why I didn't have an issue.  Hard to explain, I guess.

Anyway, still not sure what's going to happen. 

Want to keep my blog nice a cozy, though :)  How about some pictures??  Everyone loves photos, right?

Obviously these have nothing to do with the surrogacy, so we're going to veer off for an undetermined period of time to a) show you what my life is like in a non-surrogate fashion and b) keep my mind off of everything for a while.

We'll start with my children.  My world.  My awesomeness. 

Totally out of age order....

This is Emerson, the middle child.  She's turning 3 tomorrow (and wears a size 5T).  She's awesome.  She won't leave the house without some form of an overboard girl piece of garb on:  tutu, fluffy skirt, fairy wings (she calls them butterfly wings).  I can't possibly throw any more love at this girl.  My princess tank.

This is my "oops", uh, I mean this is London.  London was not in the master plan, but to imagine life without her is simply not possible.  She rocks my world and I love her to the moon and back.  She's 18 months old, going on 10 and is awesomeness times 89.

And finally, there's the big man on campus.  The leader of the pack.  The main man.  The best big brother any sister could ask for.  He's 5 and is unbelievable in so many ways.  He's so kind-hearted, smart, cute and amazing.  My boy, my heart.  This is Mario.

(really his name is Elliot, but don't tell him that...he prefers to go by "Mario")

So, there are my kiddos.  The little people in my world.  Pure awesomeness.

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  1. Your kids are pure awesome and that's because they have such an awesome mama like you. You're teaching them all the qualities you love about each of them. Don't pretend you aren't dancing around the house in the wings and tutu too. I know better! Give them a kiss from me.