Friday, November 19, 2010


My husband is out of town on a family emergency (his grandpa was admitted to the hospital--and side note, he's okay for the moment) so I've been "stuck" with my three kids, tending to their every need on a solo run.  It's really not bad, but definitely has its moments.

Yesterday, we started running low on milk.  Running low is not an option and running out would be something I never want to experience for a second time (lets just say it wasn't a good time).  So, after my work day was completed I got the kids ready (and myself) and we headed to the store.

To make this post a surrogacy related one in a very small way, I decided to go Target and get my BCP prescription re-filled and pick up a few more things, in addition to the milk.  Efficient is my middle name.

So we went to Target.  First went to the pharmacy and asked them to refill my Rx...they said it would take about 15 minutes, so we went on our shopping way.  We putzed around for a bit and I decided to browse the towel aisle.  Because I had the 3 kids, we were using one of those "kid" carts--the one with the 2 seats and then the cart.  Elliot, since he was 2, likes to ride below the cart (like where you would put your soda).  He's been doing it for 3 years and we've never had a problem.  So, I'm browsing the towels, Elliot is in the bottom of the cart, the girls are in their seats and all is well...until I started pushing the cart.  The minute I moved, I heard a scream that I think was heard in the next town over.  It was Elliot.  It was one of those screams that started out REALLY loud and then was silent...but he was still screaming.

He got out from under the cart and held up his hand...and there it was.  A fingernail on his pinky finger just dangling there.  As a mom, my heart sank and then started to beat so fast.  What do I do?  So, I tried to calm him down and quickly started to walk towards the pharmacy (best place for someone to maybe know what they're doing, right?).  We got to the pharmacy and the pharmacist came to help us.  Do I go to the ER?  Do I just wrap it up and call the doc tomorrow?  She asked who Elliot's doctor was and picked up the phone (she was really great).  While on the phone (I have no idea who she called), another Target employee came over to me to start his "incident report". 

Pharmacy lady said that the urgent care clinic was still open and she suggested I go there.  Good call. So together, we wrapped up Elliot's finger and we were on our way.  As I was getting the girls in the cart again, pharmacy lady told me I was too early for my Rx refill...go figure.

Because I knew I wouldn't have an ounce of sanity later, I did check out the milk I had in my cart.  Then, I ran Elliot over to the urgent care clinic in town and long story short, it was determined it was not broken and we shouldn't have issues with the nail in the future.  It's going to grow a little odd for a while, but all should be good.

Elliot was a champ at the doctor's office.  The girls, however, were a different story.  No naps, no dinner (and by that point we were at about 7:00 pm) and it was just not a good time. 

After a quick drive-thru at McD's, I was happy to get home.  

Gonna erase that night from my mind for a while....

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