Friday, November 5, 2010

A real update...that has to do with this whole surrogacy thing.

Yeah, didn't really think I'd have an update so soon, did ya?  Well, I do.  And it's a good one.

I've been harboring some info for a couple days.  Stone me later.  A few days ago, Tracy threw me a text that said "we want to try again".  I guess I had figured (and hoped) they would want to try another round, but wasn't about to ask not even a week after our news of the non-pregnancy.  So, I wanted to give them some time to think about things and figure it out.  Didn't take them too long :)

Since there's really no sense in waiting for anything, we figured we'd try to get this going as soon as we can.  So, Thursday (yesterday) I called the clinic to find out what we do.  I was instructed to wait for Jill to call me some time next week--she's more or less the "case worker" for our little journey here and it was best I speak with her.  Okey Dokey.

So, I'm expecting a phone call sometime next week.  As I mentioned, Jill has been on medical leave for weeks--I figured she needed to get back to the office, settle in and then, after a few days, start working on "us" again.

Today (Friday) was Jill's first day back.  She called me at 9:00 am.  Though I'd like to think I'm her only patient, I'm guessing I'm not.  But seriously, she called me after only a couple hours back to work after WEEKS off?  Yeah, she's the shit.

And so we chatted.  And guess what?  We have a new transfer date, my friends!

January 26

Yeah, okay.  I know that sounds like it's REALLY far away.  Well, at least for me it does.  But, here's why we have to wait that long.  First of all, I have to go back on ALL the meds I was on before...and there's a true and specific science to those meds to prepare my uterus for the embryo's.  There's at least 6 weeks of meds before the transfer.  Plus, the clinic has a mandatory laboratory shut down between Christmas and New Year's (why, I know not).  Plus, Dr. S is going on vacation the first week in January.  Plus, we have to re-sign (and notarize) all the paperwork again and I have to re-take my Reglara "test" (the "have you had sex with a man who's had sex with a man for money questionnaire).  Oh, and I have to get my FDA labs re-done and the infectious diseases test cleared again too. 

So yeah, there's a lot to do.

But I feel good about this.  My job duties will have eased up a bit by then (hopefully), we'll have the stress of the Holiday's over with...January 26 sounds like a good day.

I have one more med to take this time and I'm actually going to start it on Sunday...a birth control pill.  Not really to prevent a pregnancy, but to get my cycles where they want them to be.

So, here's the med timeline:

Start BCP 11/7
Start Lupron injections 12/15
Stop BCP 12/22
Start Estrace 1/8
Start Progesterone ??

That's the scoop-a-loop.  Here's to round number 2!

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