Wednesday, December 29, 2010


(a non-surro related post)

Remember that "feathers" post I did a couple weeks ago?  Well, this is on those lines...not quite the same, but in the same boat, if you will.

As I likely have posted before, my mom is the best.  She is my best friend, my confidant, my rock.  She's suffered 2 strokes since 2007; although it took a beating on her physically, mentally she's still "got it".  Memory is good, humor is there more than ever--she's still my mom and I love her more and more every day.

Anywho, when I was about 10 years old, I can't recall where we were, but we (mom and I) saw the numbers "444" together and thought it was funny for some reason.  So, since that day (yes, roughly 21 years ago) we'd see "444" and laugh and smile and think it was neat.

Prior to my mom's stroke, if I'd see "444" together and she wasn't with me, I'd make a point to mention it to her at some point.  She'd do the same.  I remember driving home from work talking to her on the phone and she'd usually make a comment "look what time it is!"...and of course it was 4:44.

For the past few years, since her stroke, I hadn't really noticed those numbers a whole lot.  No, I hadn't forgotten about them, but I guess I just didn't notice it as frequently as I had.

...until December 20th, 2010.

I was checking my phone and noticed the number of messages I had:
(and for those wondering, that's Tommy Shaw with his guitar as my wallpaper)

And then I was playing on the computer and went onto Facebook and decided to play Farmville for a bit (yes, I'm one of "those" people)...and with Farmville you have gifts.  Observe the amount of gifts that I had that day:
And then I was checking my phone again and look at my message count later that day:

That is by no intervention from me.  My phone is set up to only keep 15 days worth of e-mails (yes, I get THAT many...) and it will automatically delete those older than 15 days...but over the course of the day I also receive e-mails.  So, the fact that it's the same number 5 hours later is kind of wild and unusual.

Then, I went to bed.  And slept.  And was woken up by London because she needed a diaper change...and guess what time she woke up?? 4:44 am.  I kid you not.

So, that was freaky.  Really freaky.  But cool.

Since then, I've seen the numbers "444" pop up a lot...coincidence?  Maybe.  Cool?  Definitely.

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  1. So neat! I'm wondering if it's a sign??....maybe of something to come?