Thursday, December 2, 2010

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I just got a call from Jill (nurse at the RE's office)...she wanted an inventory of my meds so she could order me more of whatever I needed. 

And then it hit me.  I start Lupron in 13 days!  WOO!

Okay, I was a little excited about that.  Anyway, she does need to order me the Lupron and more Progesterone, but that's it--I'm good on everything else.

We (my husband and I) have to meet up with B & T some time hopefully next week to re-sign and notarize all the paperwork again.  Since we're going to transfer 3 embryo's this round (last time we did 2), we have to basically re-do all the paperwork.

Okay, that's my surrogacy update.  Not a big one, but hey--this whole process is a hurry up and wait kind of thing.

And here's a random photo for you...was just ordering some photos for some gifts and found this one I took earlier this year (when there was still snow on the ground)...

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