Sunday, January 30, 2011

Day news yet

I'm holding out.  It's only day 4...which would equate to 9 dpo which is still extrememly early...and I don't want to be bummed.

So I'm waiting to POAS.  As hard as it might be, I have to.

Every time I feel a twinge of naseau or an ounce of exhaustion, I'm wondering...

Praying and praying and praying for this to work!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 3

Nothing to report. Still feeling good, PIO shots are going well (though doing 2 cc's seems to take so much longer than doing 1...)

My friend and her husband came over last night and made dinner--it was fantabulous. (Thank you K and N!!)

Other than that, no news. I'm debating if I want to POAS tomorrow or not...

Friday, January 28, 2011

Day's boring to read so if you don't, no worries. :)

Things are still going well...not a whole lot to report.

Just been hanging out on the couch--not doing really anything.  I shift positions every now and again, but other than that, my butt has been pretty planted here.

I'm looking forward to a dear friend coming over tonight to make dinner.  I'll consider her my personal chef for the evening-she's an awesome cook and I'm really looking forward to it.  My husband has to work tonight (driving the limo), so if he's lucky, we'll save him some leftovers.

There's my boring post for the day... :) 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Day 1...feeling good!

Well, it's Day 1 past transfer.

After we got home yesterday, I took a few naps, watched a little TV and ate dinner that my lovely husband made (okay, it was a pre-made salad and frozen pizza, but he did good).

I slept awesome last night-man, it's nice to not have sippy cups to fill at 3am.

I woke up this morning, looked at my phone and how many e-mails did I have???  Take a guess... 444!  There's a significance to that number and you can read the blog about it here.  If that's not a good sign, I'm not sure what is!!

I'm working from home today-so it's kind of like a normal day. 

I feel good--did have a stomache ache last night, but it's gone away.  They want me to take a baby aspirin once a day and I took it on an empty stomache so I think that's what did it.

Wish I could POAS right now!! LOL

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We transferred!!

Well, we did it...and here's how it went down...

My husband and I arrived at the hospital promptly at 9:30 (transfer was scheduled for 10:30).  Jill greeted us (she said she changed her day off so she could be there!! Was so happy about that!) and said there was an issue with the embryo's.  They thawed 3, but only 2 worked-so they wanted to thaw another, but needed to get permission from B & T before they did that.  They got T on the phone and she basically said do what you need to do to get 3 embryo's.

Because the thaw process takes a little while, Jill told us to go hang out and come back in about an hour--so we went down to the hospital cafeteria and had a bite to eat.

When we came back, Tracy was there waiting by the elevator :)  Jill greeted us all and said they had success with the embryo's!! They lost 2 in the process, but they had 3 nice looking ones ready for transfer.

We went into the transfer room (a different one than last time) and I disrobed.  Jill gave me the shot of Demerol (LOVE that stuff!!  I can see why Michael Jackson liked it! LOL), turned the lights down and I got my massage.  Talk about awesome.  Seriously, I was sooooo relaxed-it was heaven!

Suzanne, the embryologist, came in and discussed the embryo's with us all.  She showed us their picture on the screen and explained each to us as best as she could in non-embryologist speak.  She said all 3 looked "wonderful"!  (side note--Suzanne is the RE's wife! Cool eh?)

Branden got there a little later and just as he did, we were about to start the transfer!  Here I am ready to go! (sorry...all pics are from my Blackberry so the quality kinda stinks)
I got situated in "the position" and Dr. S came in to do his thing.  There's nothing like having your cervix cleaned.  Really. 

After all the prep, Suzanne brought in the really long tube and the transfer was done!  The time from when I assumed the position to Dr. S congratulating us all was no more than 10 minutes.

And then, I laid back....way back...and went into the semi inverted position.  Here was my view:
I had to lay there for 2 hours, so B & T hung out with us and we just chatted about everything and anything.  It was nice to catch up with them.  I started getting pretty tired at the hour and a half mark, so B & T left.  I thought I was going to nap, but nah..I didn't.  But, I did get a nice kissy from my hubby:
When the 2 hours was up, I got dressed and we headed home!  On the way home, we saw this:
Okay, Okay...I understand you can't really tell what that is.  We're on the freeway and in one of those vehicles is Mr. President himself, Barack Obama.  They shut down that side of the freeway for his motorcade.  It was kinda cool to see.  It was quite the production.

So now I chill.  I'll be on bed rest until the hubby is going to have to wait on me.  Darn.

STICKY VIBES, please!! Send them all to me! I want this to work!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Transfer Tomorrow!

I can't believe I get to say that. It's tomorrow.  Wow--this felt like an eternity since the last transfer.  When we talked in early November, hearing "January 26th" felt like SO LONG to wait.  But, we're here!

We'll be dropping the kids off in the morning by my dad's/step-mother's house.  They're going to take them to Wisconsin Dells until Saturday-staying at The Wilderness Resort (they have a time share there) so the kids will have a BLAST, I'm sure! Arcades, movies and the best part--water park!! 

After we drop them off, we're gonna head up to Green Bay! I have to be there at 9:30 (for the pre-massage and prep work) and then the actual transfer is at 10:30.  Branden and Tracy are coming, so it'll be nice to hang out with them as well.

Barack Obama is going to be in Manitowoc tomorrow, which is about half way between our house and Green Bay--so I hope we don't hit some sort of freeway issues with that...

So excited!!  I'll make sure to blog about it when I get home!

Wish me luck! :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

2 days!

We're down to 2 days!!  Very excited!!

Nothing new to report...just looking forward to Wednesday!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

3 Days!! (oh, and the Pack is going to the big game!!)

See, I said 2011 was going to be a great year.

The transfer IS going to work this time. I know it.  I started the PIO last night--it's like riding a bike.  Yeah, the 2 inch needle is kinda freaky, but I did just fine with it. :)  Feeling good!  Can't wait until Wednesday!

And the Packers just got done playing Da Bears...and we won!!! WOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!  My transfer actually takes place in Green Bay, so I've just got good feelings about this all over the place!

So, go me on Wednesday and Go Packers!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

4 Days!

4 days! WOOOO!

We're going to an 80's party tonight--SO looking forward to it.  It's going to be a BLAST!  Yes, we're going all out--my outfit is AWFUL and so tacky! I'll make sure to post pics to my blog maybe tomorrow :)

I start PIO today--going to do that before we head off for the party later this afternoon.  Hope I remember how!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Let the countdown begin--5 days!

Had my final appointment with the RE this morning!!  They took blood, as they always do and then did the mock transfer...what that really means is they needed to find the depth to place the embryo's.  Was kind of weird...a really young guy (med student) came in with the doc to "observe". 

That only took about a minute and I was done!  Jill gave me my marching orders:

Tomorrow (Saturday, Jan 21):
  • Start PIO (Progesterone in Oil) injections (I thought I started them today (Friday), but I'm happy to go one more day without them!
  • Decrease Estrace to 2 pills a day
  • Start antibiotic pill (for actual transfer)
I did confirm with Jill that I will get the pre-procedure massage again (YAAA HOOO!) and the nice shot of whatever that relaxes you.  SO looking forward to that.

We had a bit of a miscommunication on the actual time of the transfer--I thought it was 1:00, just like last time.  Turns out, it's 10:30--not a big deal for me, but I'm hoping that Branden and Tracy can still come!! 

5 days!!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm fluffy

That's right, folks...I'm fluffy.  Well, I may have some extra "fluff" on my body, but what I'm really talking about is my lining.  I went to the RE's office yesterday and it measured 15!  Doctor S said that's great--perfect for those little embies to get nice and cozy in there!  He said it would likely not increase too much more by transfer date.

Other than that, had the normal blood draw--estrogen was in the 140's and they want it to be over 200 by transfer, so we're on our way there, as well.

My last shot of Lupron was on Sunday (booooo hoooo LOL!), so I'll get a break from injections for a while--I believe I start the PIO injections on Friday.  I increased the Estrodiol to 3 full tabs a day.

Transfer is 8 days away!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Things I like-Part Uno.

It's Saturday night-7:45 pm.  Hubby is out driving the The Party Bus and I'm hanging home with the kiddos...Elliot is content with Mario Kart and the girls have crashed (sometimes the no nap thing is kinda nice).

The Green Bay Packers are playing the Atlanta Falcons in the playoffs right now...hoping the Pack wins (cause people get REALLY crabby around here if the Packers lose). 

I've got this in the oven, nearly done--I just checked on it a bit ago and the thing is falling apart--totally what it should be doing.  Smells tasty in here.  Gonna have that on Sunday with some tortilla's and limes. 

You've already seen 2 "getting to know me" posts...and this one is on those lines, but not quite the same.  Here's some things I like. I'm not going to add the obvious (family/friends/etc...) but here are some odds that I like.  And some of these I love.
  • Diet Cherry Pepsi
  • Legend Larry's.  Best wings.  Period.
  • Cheesy 80's movies
  • Freshly washed sheets
  • Covergirl Wetslicks Lip Gloss
  • Pajama pants
  • Merlot
  • Dave Matthew's Band
  • Pioneer Woman
  • Really loud music in my car
  • Bacon
  • Yankee Candles
  • Bloody Mary's
  • Q Doba
  • Sourdough Bread
  • Massages
  • Top Chef
  • Camp Fires
I'll leave this for now...another post to be continued at some point soon :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lining is good!

Had another appointment today at the RE's office--went well!

First, I peed in a cup (like you needed to know that) LOL.  Then, Jill took a bunch of blood to be shipped off to the FDA, I believe to make sure I have no weird diseases. Have I mentioned how much I like Jill?  She's awesome--however, she did tell me she has a day off on our transfer day, but will be coming for the transfer itself, so I'm happy.  She's our good luck charm.

After the blood draw, we went over the infectious disease stuff...again.  I think this is the 3rd time I've done this.  She had to make sure I didn't get any new piercings or tattoos since the last transfer (which I haven't).  She also needed to make sure I didn't have funky bruises or track marks (which I don't).  Also needed to make sure I haven't had sex with a man who had sex with a man who had sex with a man (which I have not).

Then, a resident came in to do the ultrasound--I think she was pretty new at it because it took her a little longer--and I started cramping a bit.  But, they found what they needed to find (my lining was 11, which is awesome)!  Dr. S did come in to help the resident and said everything looked great!  I do have a triple stripe as well (I still don't know what that means, though...gonna have to check).

So, today I bumped my Estrace up to 1 full pill twice a day.  I will continue to keep the Lupron at 10 units (my last Lupron shot is on Sunday!!).  I have another ultrasound and blood draw on Monday, the 17th and then my mock transfer is on Friday (the 21st)! 

I did get a call back after my appointment--my Estrogen level was at 84, so that's good too!!

We're getting so close! 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Getting to Part II

Nothing better than waking up, having a piping hot cup of coffee watching the Food Network.  Ah....  oh, and blogging...  I can consider myself a blogger, right??

Anyway, before I get my day going I wanted to do a blog post, but I don't have anything really exciting to post that's surro related.  I started Estrace yesterday, continue Lupron...that's about it.  Looking forward to u/s on Thursday to check lining and all that good stuff.

Since there's nothing exciting on the surro front, I thought I'd whip up another quick "getting to know me" post.  If you'd like to check out Part I, please feel free.  You should.  You'll see pink pants.

And here we go with Part II...

There are VERY FEW people in this world I can't stand.  This is one of them.
Me and my husband on our wedding day, September 22, 2001.  Wow. 10 Years. And I still love him as much as I did that day.

I'm a Gleek.

I love to cook.

I like limos.  What's nice about that is my husband owns a fantastic limousine service called Cheesehead Limo.  No, I don't ride in them all the time, in fact, I rarely ride in them.  But, they're still cool.  And all those nice champagne glasses in them-yeah, I washed 'em.

I don't understand politics, but I still think the capital building in Madison is one of the coolest buildings in the State.

This is my mom and I on my wedding day.  I love her.  A lot.
Okay, there you have Part II...I'm sure there will be a Part III somewhere along the lines... :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

quasi update and shout out

Well, we're less than 20 days now!  I was thinking today--I'm actually really looking forward to the bed rest this time.  Like, really looking forward to it.  I've already planned out the meals I will make (likely tomorrow) and freeze (so hubby doesn't need to worry about making anything while I'm laid up).  I'm going to think about some movies we can rent, too.

I need to give a small shout-out to a silent blog reader.  I'm not going to give details on who it is, but it's a dear friend that I've known a VERY LONG time...anyway, she's currently about 10 weeks along, excepting her first child and I am SO SO SO happy for her and her husband!!  They had a small scare with some bleeding a few days ago and went to the doc yesterday and couldn't hear the heartbeat...she had an ultrasound today and they saw the little bean kicking and throwing "it's" arms all over the place!! AACK! So amazing, isn't it?  So anyway, dear friend o' mine--please know that I am so happy for you and wish you an awesome pregnancy.  I can't wait for our kids to play together (and maybe, if I get preggo, we can get a big belly shot together this summer :)

As far as my journey goes, my only news is I start Estrace tomorrow and then have an u/s on Thursday.

Okay, I've been putting it off long enough--gotta go fold some laundry...FUN FUN!!

Later Gators!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011 is going to be awesome

I really have a's going to be a great year!

I do have a feeling about this transfer...I don't know why.  I just feel better about it--not that I felt bad last time, I just feel like it's going to work this time, without a doubt.  My injections have been going great so far, I'm feeling good.  I've actually had many thoughts about twins and I'm not sure why.  Hmmmm....we'll see I guess!

My estrogen level last week was 39.4--in order to drop the Lupron to 10 units I needed to be under 40.  Nothing like being close, eh?  So, I did drop the Lupron on Tuesday. 

24 days!  That's just a little over 3 weeks! Time is sure flying by!