Saturday, January 29, 2011

Day 3

Nothing to report. Still feeling good, PIO shots are going well (though doing 2 cc's seems to take so much longer than doing 1...)

My friend and her husband came over last night and made dinner--it was fantabulous. (Thank you K and N!!)

Other than that, no news. I'm debating if I want to POAS tomorrow or not...


  1. Day 4 post transfer and POAS! That's cute! My cycles are always long but whenever wanting to be pregnant I always start POAS around day 28 but have never gotten a positive before day 43. I do usually make myself wait 5-7 days in between but it still amounts to a LOT of wasted sticks especially given the fact I was doing that for 11 months while trying to conceive Erik. Hope you get your positive in less than a week though!

  2. I say POAS! My first positive this cycle was 5 days post transfer...Good luck!