Sunday, January 9, 2011

Getting to Part II

Nothing better than waking up, having a piping hot cup of coffee watching the Food Network.  Ah....  oh, and blogging...  I can consider myself a blogger, right??

Anyway, before I get my day going I wanted to do a blog post, but I don't have anything really exciting to post that's surro related.  I started Estrace yesterday, continue Lupron...that's about it.  Looking forward to u/s on Thursday to check lining and all that good stuff.

Since there's nothing exciting on the surro front, I thought I'd whip up another quick "getting to know me" post.  If you'd like to check out Part I, please feel free.  You should.  You'll see pink pants.

And here we go with Part II...

There are VERY FEW people in this world I can't stand.  This is one of them.
Me and my husband on our wedding day, September 22, 2001.  Wow. 10 Years. And I still love him as much as I did that day.

I'm a Gleek.

I love to cook.

I like limos.  What's nice about that is my husband owns a fantastic limousine service called Cheesehead Limo.  No, I don't ride in them all the time, in fact, I rarely ride in them.  But, they're still cool.  And all those nice champagne glasses in them-yeah, I washed 'em.

I don't understand politics, but I still think the capital building in Madison is one of the coolest buildings in the State.

This is my mom and I on my wedding day.  I love her.  A lot.
Okay, there you have Part II...I'm sure there will be a Part III somewhere along the lines... :)


  1. I laughed out loud when I read the caption on your first picture. Hilarious!

  2. I so need to do this, how fun! We have a lot in common. Lets see, umm, Gleek right here! Love limos too but I've never been in one! On my bucket list! You look gorgeous on your wedding day and huge congrats on 10 years!! Looking forward to part 3! Thinking nice thick thoughts for you on Thurs! : )

  3. Cute post! And nice to put a face to a name :-) (Cuz I can't really see that little profile pic very well :-))
    I think you've started something here, maybe I'll do this too!