Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I'm fluffy

That's right, folks...I'm fluffy.  Well, I may have some extra "fluff" on my body, but what I'm really talking about is my lining.  I went to the RE's office yesterday and it measured 15!  Doctor S said that's great--perfect for those little embies to get nice and cozy in there!  He said it would likely not increase too much more by transfer date.

Other than that, had the normal blood draw--estrogen was in the 140's and they want it to be over 200 by transfer, so we're on our way there, as well.

My last shot of Lupron was on Sunday (booooo hoooo LOL!), so I'll get a break from injections for a while--I believe I start the PIO injections on Friday.  I increased the Estrodiol to 3 full tabs a day.

Transfer is 8 days away!!!


  1. Unfortunately, the progesterone shots hurt so much more. But, if they keep that lining a nice fluffy home for those embryos, it's all worth it! You guys are all in my prayers, you, your husband, the parents, and your kids!

  2. You are getting so close!!! Good luck with the "big" shots, they are a duzy..but worth it in the end!!!