Friday, January 21, 2011

Let the countdown begin--5 days!

Had my final appointment with the RE this morning!!  They took blood, as they always do and then did the mock transfer...what that really means is they needed to find the depth to place the embryo's.  Was kind of weird...a really young guy (med student) came in with the doc to "observe". 

That only took about a minute and I was done!  Jill gave me my marching orders:

Tomorrow (Saturday, Jan 21):
  • Start PIO (Progesterone in Oil) injections (I thought I started them today (Friday), but I'm happy to go one more day without them!
  • Decrease Estrace to 2 pills a day
  • Start antibiotic pill (for actual transfer)
I did confirm with Jill that I will get the pre-procedure massage again (YAAA HOOO!) and the nice shot of whatever that relaxes you.  SO looking forward to that.

We had a bit of a miscommunication on the actual time of the transfer--I thought it was 1:00, just like last time.  Turns out, it's 10:30--not a big deal for me, but I'm hoping that Branden and Tracy can still come!! 

5 days!!!

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  1. Woo-HOO! That is awesome!! How exciting!! I already can't wait for you to POAS!! I hope you're stocked up! : )