Friday, January 7, 2011

quasi update and shout out

Well, we're less than 20 days now!  I was thinking today--I'm actually really looking forward to the bed rest this time.  Like, really looking forward to it.  I've already planned out the meals I will make (likely tomorrow) and freeze (so hubby doesn't need to worry about making anything while I'm laid up).  I'm going to think about some movies we can rent, too.

I need to give a small shout-out to a silent blog reader.  I'm not going to give details on who it is, but it's a dear friend that I've known a VERY LONG time...anyway, she's currently about 10 weeks along, excepting her first child and I am SO SO SO happy for her and her husband!!  They had a small scare with some bleeding a few days ago and went to the doc yesterday and couldn't hear the heartbeat...she had an ultrasound today and they saw the little bean kicking and throwing "it's" arms all over the place!! AACK! So amazing, isn't it?  So anyway, dear friend o' mine--please know that I am so happy for you and wish you an awesome pregnancy.  I can't wait for our kids to play together (and maybe, if I get preggo, we can get a big belly shot together this summer :)

As far as my journey goes, my only news is I start Estrace tomorrow and then have an u/s on Thursday.

Okay, I've been putting it off long enough--gotta go fold some laundry...FUN FUN!!

Later Gators!

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