Wednesday, January 26, 2011

We transferred!!

Well, we did it...and here's how it went down...

My husband and I arrived at the hospital promptly at 9:30 (transfer was scheduled for 10:30).  Jill greeted us (she said she changed her day off so she could be there!! Was so happy about that!) and said there was an issue with the embryo's.  They thawed 3, but only 2 worked-so they wanted to thaw another, but needed to get permission from B & T before they did that.  They got T on the phone and she basically said do what you need to do to get 3 embryo's.

Because the thaw process takes a little while, Jill told us to go hang out and come back in about an hour--so we went down to the hospital cafeteria and had a bite to eat.

When we came back, Tracy was there waiting by the elevator :)  Jill greeted us all and said they had success with the embryo's!! They lost 2 in the process, but they had 3 nice looking ones ready for transfer.

We went into the transfer room (a different one than last time) and I disrobed.  Jill gave me the shot of Demerol (LOVE that stuff!!  I can see why Michael Jackson liked it! LOL), turned the lights down and I got my massage.  Talk about awesome.  Seriously, I was sooooo relaxed-it was heaven!

Suzanne, the embryologist, came in and discussed the embryo's with us all.  She showed us their picture on the screen and explained each to us as best as she could in non-embryologist speak.  She said all 3 looked "wonderful"!  (side note--Suzanne is the RE's wife! Cool eh?)

Branden got there a little later and just as he did, we were about to start the transfer!  Here I am ready to go! (sorry...all pics are from my Blackberry so the quality kinda stinks)
I got situated in "the position" and Dr. S came in to do his thing.  There's nothing like having your cervix cleaned.  Really. 

After all the prep, Suzanne brought in the really long tube and the transfer was done!  The time from when I assumed the position to Dr. S congratulating us all was no more than 10 minutes.

And then, I laid back....way back...and went into the semi inverted position.  Here was my view:
I had to lay there for 2 hours, so B & T hung out with us and we just chatted about everything and anything.  It was nice to catch up with them.  I started getting pretty tired at the hour and a half mark, so B & T left.  I thought I was going to nap, but nah..I didn't.  But, I did get a nice kissy from my hubby:
When the 2 hours was up, I got dressed and we headed home!  On the way home, we saw this:
Okay, Okay...I understand you can't really tell what that is.  We're on the freeway and in one of those vehicles is Mr. President himself, Barack Obama.  They shut down that side of the freeway for his motorcade.  It was kinda cool to see.  It was quite the production.

So now I chill.  I'll be on bed rest until the hubby is going to have to wait on me.  Darn.

STICKY VIBES, please!! Send them all to me! I want this to work!!!


  1. You are so kind to be doing this! I hope it works! Can't believe you let them transfer 3 embryos! It could be an interesting 9 months! Good luck.

  2. Love all your pictures..and that's so neat that you got to pass by the president!! Sticky vibes x100 coming your way...can you feel it!! ;)

  3. I'm sending you sticky vibes, but only enough for one, maybe two, of them to stick, (unless, I suppose, if God has other plans). It's just that I know what a pregnancy is like with twins, and I can't imagine one with triplets. I want you to have a nice, easy pregnancy so you can enjoy your own kids, while you do this!

  4. Man, I am so nervous and excited for you. I went through this all six times (for my own kids) and I'm all butterfly stomached for you right now!!!!!

  5. Wow you are one lucky Mamma! Demerol and a massage? I got nadda and it hurt bad! I hope all goes well and one of those babies sticks. Enjoy your bedrest. Good luck Jess!

  6. Woo hoo!! I'm so excited for you!! I know it will work this time! Sending lots of sticky thoughts!

  7. I hope 1 or 2 stick..not sure I'd want all 3 to stick!! LOL Good luck..can't wait to hear the results. Sticky vibes coming your way!

  8. Sticky vibes indeed! I love the recap and the kissy picture at the end. :)

  9. Yay!! That's awesome!! Lots and lots of sticky vibes!! Can't wait to see those pee sticks!! (Please tell me you *will* POAS and then post pics for us?!?)

    Fingers, toes, everything crossed for you!! : )

    P.S. I think its good luck you passed the prez, your IPs should send a birth announcement to the White House with a note about that for their baby books! Yep, I said "their" : )