Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day name is Jesse and I'm a peeaholic.

Yes, I've peed on a stick.  A lot.  More than I probably should have.  I think in total I've done 13 tests...and I have about 6 more left, which I will likely use between now and Friday.

I don't know what it is.  Part of it is a somewhat satisfaction I get from seeing that little line show up.  It's like a sense of accomplishment.  Like everything that I've done and been through up to this point makes it all worth while from that little line.  I guess another part is just "making sure".  Weird?  Maybe...but this is not abnormal behavior for me. 

Sadly, I kept every single pregnancy test I ever took with my 3 kids...and they fill a gallon size ziplock bag.  Why am I keeping them?  I know not.  They're cool, I guess. I never show anyone (cause it might be kinda gross to a lot of people), and I never even look at them myself...I just have them.

Okay, if you're still reading because you don't think I'm completely insane for that paragraph above, thank you!!

Anyway, so I have been peeing on the stick a lot over the past 2 days...and yes, the line is getting darker.  A sure sign that this is the real deal.  I cannot WAIT for my beta on Friday!

Jill called this morning with the results from my lab-draw yesterday and my progesterone was 21.9.  They want it over 20, so I won't need to make any adjustments to anything...just keep up with the 2cc's of PIO every night and the 2 Estrace tabs a day (and one baby aspirin).

Let's back track a moment...

I had a lab draw on Monday and Jill called me late Monday afternoon with the results.  My estrogen was awesome (and I can't for the life of me remember what the number was...I'll have to ask) but my progesterone was 19.3.  They wanted to see it over 20, so Jill asked if I could get a "re-do" on Tuesday.  Unfortunately, the lab where she wanted me to go was an hour away...and there was no way I could leave the house for a number of reasons...So, I went to a local lab where they do not do same day was not ideal, but the best I could do.  (and Jill called this morning and said everything was good, so all is a-okay)

In other news, we had a mega snow storm last night/today (as did a lot of the country).  I think we got around 12 inches, but about an hour and a half south of us got over 23 inches!!  It was pretty insane--had the national guard out, freeway's shut down...crazy!  And we're in Wisconsin, so we're kinda used to this stuff!!  My work closed today (as did pretty much the entire city of Milwaukee), so my husband and I spent the day cleaning (and I took a lot of "resting" breaks :)

Well, I hafta go potty name is Jesse, and I'm a peeaholic.


  1. LOL, oh my goodness, you are so funny!! I love reading your post. Looking forward to Friday's update!!! =)

  2. I'm totally weird and the 13 test thing... it seems a little weird to me. ;)