Sunday, February 27, 2011

Now it's getting creepy...

And by creepy I mean creepy in a good way.

And what I'm talking about is this devotion book.  To be honest, when I was given this book years ago, I never really read it.  I didn't look at it daily, I didn't look at it weekly.  When I saw it on the book shelf, I may have read a page or two but that was it.  Now, I have it sitting out and I've been reading it daily and I'm getting a little freaked a good way.

Here was today's message:

Hard times can bring the temptation to give up and become negative, depressed, and angry with God.  Life can be difficult, but God will always intervene and His help will always arrive on time.  God has promised to deliver you before it is too late!

Yowsa.  When I read that and think of where I am right now in my surrogacy, I get chills.  I think this book might have been written for me-for this time in my life-for this journey.

And this just confirms the fact that it's not in my hands...


  1. Wow, that is pretty awesome that the message came at this point in your journey. Crazy!

  2. Great post! That message speaks to me too in regards to my surrogacy journey. Thank you for sharing!!