Friday, March 25, 2011

The call.

Isn't that a Backstreet Boy's song?  Hmmm...

Okay, sorry-back on point here. (coffee this late in the evening is not such a good thing-there's your warning that this blog post may be a little hyper).

So a social worker from the agency called me today...we'll call her "K".  She was super duper nice and we had a very nice conversation--for nearly 2 hours.  We went through everything:  why do I want to be a surrogate, do I understand the process, do I have a support system, my family life, my hobbies, my childhood, what does the agency do for surros, the compensation, etc...  It was really a screening to make sure that they think I can handle all of this.

Overall, I think it went really well and I'm pretty sure I came across as someone that is fairly competent. 

The next step is for "K" to have a little chat with the hubster.  That's already set up for next week Tuesday and I've warned said hubster about this.  He's totally on board and claims he's going to be on his best behavior...but for those that know my husband, I'm sure he'll be cracking some sort of joke at some point.  Thankfully, I did explain to "K" today that he's got a pretty big sense of humor.

After that, I get to take the notorious MMPI exam.  Oh goody goody.  I haven't taken one of these yet...but I've heard about them.  Once I get to that point, I'll share more about it :)

(PS-I just Googled "The Call" and turns out a number of artists have a song by this name, not just the Backstreet case you were wondering...)

Anywho, I'm excited the process is movin' right along!

Ah, I love me some Muppet's! (fun Jesse fact of the day--I have 2 Muppet's tattooed on my body.  I'll share who (someday), but I won't share where they are....)

Oh, and remember how I said I was in medical record purgatory for like the last month?  Yes, the agency has everything now (finally)..but here's why it was so annoying:

That, my friends, is a stack of papers.  Those are my medical records--no, not every single record in my life...just OB/GYN and RE records.  Yeah, I killed a tree with those puppies. 


  1. Yaaaaaaaaaa I'm happy for you, I remember talking to the social worker, it was a little wracking and i'm not the surro, I was so afraid i'd say something to make her think my partner was as goofy as I! Ash was worried about the MMPI until she got it in the mail and the questions were sooo strange. Before you know it, you'll be matched and waiting to transfer!

  2. Yay! You are certainly movin' right along! You'll be matched and knocked up before u know it! :-)