Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Couch to 5K. Couch rhymes with OUCH. Coincidence?

I started the Couch to 5K program yesterday.  3 people have mentioned this program to me over the course of the last couple weeks (Whitni, Kathy & Kelly) and I thank them all for that.

I printed it out last week and it's been just sitting on my table.  Staring at me.  No really, here's what it looks like:

It's been my mouse pad. 

So yesterday I decided to just suck it up and start it.  In a nutshell, it's a 9 week program to get you "running" (okay, really jogging) a 5K (which is roughly 3 miles).

As I've mentioned, I've been walking a lot lately and have thrown in a jog or two.  But what I've been doing is nothing like this.  Before, I would just jog for a bit and then walk when I was tired.  (and now realized a "bit" was probably only 30 seconds worth) Doing this actual program holds me accountable for what I'm doing.  And because I'm a iPod freakazoid and have to have that dang thing with me where ever I am, I downloaded a pod-cast that is geared toward the Couch to 5K program.  That is AWESOME.  There's a guy telling me when I have to jog and when I can walk again.  Never mind that the music with it sounds like a cheesy 80's porno (not that I've ever watched cheesy 80's porn, but I'm sure that's what it would sound like...)

So yesterday was Week 1, Day 1.  It went great--I did it and STUCK to it.  There was no skimping out on any of it.  And after I did it (because it's only 20 minutes), I walked about a mile and a half (cause I had to get home LOL).  It felt good!  Well, my legs felt like crap when I woke up this morning, but what do they say--NO PAIN, NO GAIN right??  What really hurts is my shins!  Of all the parts of my body, I didn't really expect that. 

And because I needed a break from working from home, I walked 3 miles today :)  I think I'm now up to having walked about 50 miles over the course of the last 4 weeks.

On the surro front, my husband had his "chat" with "K" from the agency today.  He said it went well (I SO wanted to eavesdrop, but didn't).  So, assuming he didn't admit to a non-existent crack addiction, I should be hearing from the Dr to schedule the MMPI!  Cross your fingers we keep this process going! :)


  1. Holy Crap! That's a lot of miles!! I'm so impressed! Glad to hear social worker screening has wrapped. Speaking of wrapped...have you wrapped your brain around the fact that you are going to be matched VERY soon?!?!? Soooo exciting!!

  2. Wow, that's amazing! You go girl! :-) I'm sure all will be fine and you'll be taking the dreaded MMPI in no time! Good luck!

  3. Wow! Good for you! It might help your shins to do some really good stretching of your quads before you walk/run.

  4. Keep up the good work Jesse! I'm proud of you.