Sunday, March 27, 2011

Limos are cool. So is my hubby.

Okay, I have to do a "shout-out" kind of post here to my lovely husband.  The Sonny to my Cher (before their divorce).  The jelly to my peanut butter.  The pea to my carrot.  The Mario to my Luigi.  The Shrek to my Fiona.

Sorry...lost track of what I was talking about...

Oh yeah, my "shout out".

As I've likely mentioned in my blog before, my husband owns a limo service called Cheesehead Limousine.  He bought his first limo when he was 18 years old and the man is now 34 (don't tell him I mentioned his age on the world wide web, okay?).  He was an entrepreneur before I even had my drivers license (I'm waaaay younger than he is...okay not really THAT much young, but I'm a little younger).

This is my cutie hubby:

He's amazing at what he does.  No really, I'm not just saying that because I'm married to the guy. (by the way, we'll be celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary this September!)  He's a business owner and does a darn good job at it.  Of course I always have a better way of doing something (HA HA) but really-he's pretty awesome.

The current Cheesehead fleet consists of 3 beautiful black limos and a party bus.  Let's talk about the party bus for a second.  When he first started talking about buying one last year, I was like "whatever".  He would be the one to know if it would be a money maker or not.  So he spend endless hours online trying to find the perfect bus and here's what he found:
It's okay. Laugh some more.  I did. When we went to go pick it up, I gave him the "are you freaking kidding" look.  He was psyched and I had no idea why--but, he went ahead with the purchase (got it pretty cheap, too!).

A few months went by and he didn't really talk about the bus that much.  After Jesse (my husband) had taken all the stickers off of the exterior, it had pretty much had a new home at a body shop about an hour away, so I hadn't seen much of it.  Then, one day my husband tells me that the bus is done and we can go get it.

Okay, I thought...we'll see how this thing turned out.

And my jaw dropped.  That hideous yellow thing was transformed into this:

Here's a before shot of the interior:
(those are had no seating)
And here's the interior now:

We rented it for ourselves a few weeks ago for a party with 12 was the BEST.TIME.EVER.

And now, the talks of getting a second party bus are in full swing.  You wouldn't believe the number of people he has to turn down because he doesn't have one. 

Below is a shot of the Cheesehead Fleet.  You'll notice that not one car has a piece of cheese illuminated on the top (he gets that question ALL the time).

If you're in the Southeast Wisconsin area and need a limo, call him up.  You won't be disappointed.  Or, check out his site:  Tell him you follow his wifes' blog and maybe he'll cut you a deal :)

And there's my shout-out to the best limo service and best husband ever.


  1. Nice shout out!!! When we come to visit, will you ask him if he'll pick us up at the airport in a limo? Pretty please, huh, huh???? The kids would think that was super fly! :)

  2. I wanna visit just so I can get on the party bus! :-)

  3. The party bus is awesome! We loved it for my brother's wedding.

  4. I need to check out this party bus. I know his "normal" limo service is superb having experienced it twice now. Twice right? I think so. I highly recommend Cheesehead Limo. I just wish he would consider a Kentucky gig but I understand the price of gas is a *leetle* high for that right now.