Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My "Survivor"

Since I'm kinda stuck in surro limbo, I wanted to keep my blog comfy and cozy with something else.  Sometimes, my head is swimming with so much stuff I could blog about...and other times I can't even remember my kids' names. 

No really, I called Emerson "London" 3 times today.  Is this normal??  Hope so.

Back to keeping the blog comfy and're likely going to get some future posts from me that have nothing to do with anything.  Just warning you. :)  Until I get some good surro stuff to start blogging about again, you're going to get a nice installment of


(and many posts will involve photos--I know how much everyone likes photos!)

And so to begin my total randomness....I will start with just that, a photo!

Anyone a Survivor fan?  Even if you're not, I'm sure you know who this son Elliot was lucky enough to be held by the great Jeff Probst and his girlfriend (I wonder if they're still dating??) a few years ago.  Cool, eh?


  1. That is super awesome!!! I'm a pretty big survivor junkie, lol!!