Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Trailer Livin'

If you read my previous post, you saw a photo (the sunset one) that was taken in Door County.  I'd like to elaborate on this place a bit.  My family (hubby, kids and moi) just spent the last 3 days there-it was awesome.

We have a place that's right on the bay side (not the Lake Michigan side) and it's about 20 yards from the water.  The only thing between us and the water are some trees and a beach. 

Okay, I'm gonna come right out and say this.  It's a trailer--a mobile home (permanent one) that's approximately 2000 square feet.  Now please don't go callin' me "trailer trash" or anything like that.  Okay, well we call ourselves that so I guess you can.  But truly, it's not the kind of place you're going to find on the next episode of Cops.   Here, let me show you:

This is taken standing in the kitchen looking into the living room. (that's my mother-in-law, Colleen.  She rocks.)  Anyway, the window as you look straight on is the one that looks out onto the lake.
PS...those are not my cigarettes on the table.  They belong to my brother-in-law.  Just want to make that clear :)
It literally is a house.  In fact, the people that we got it from used it as a full-time home with 3 kids.  It's got 2 bedrooms, a nice sized bathroom and we're even pimpin with DirecTV.  It's our home away from home...and it's just a little over and hour and a half away, so it's not too bad of a drive.  There's even a few kayak's to use!

We have a small little rule at the trailer.  Well, 2 rules.  The first is "what happens at the trailer, stays at the trailer".  The second rule, and most important one is:  There are no rules. (besides the first rule...LOL)

We wanted a place to retreat where we didn't have to do anything if we didn't want to.  So, if you want to go for a walk and someone else doesn't, oh well.  That's their call and yours too.  If you want to eat chocolate chip cookies for breakfast, go for it.  If you want to play Nintendo all day (we have the Old School AND Nintendo 64 available for use) then do it. 

There's a nice big playground nearby (within walking distance) and we tend to go there a lot (after a chocolate chip cookie breakfast).  Sturgeon Bay (the largest City in Door County) is only a 13 minute drive, so if we need anything we can just go there (Target, Grocery Store, etc...).  Plus, the rest of Door County is beautiful (in the summertime) and we like to go up one side and down the other--we do that a few times a summer.  It's perfect.

Here are some more pics from our "place": 
Attempting to rescue the princess...

Want some wine and don't have a wine glass?  Use a disposable coffee cup!
Lots of places to play!
Anyway, if you ever find yourself in Door County, WI and want a cheap place to stay, just let me know.  But please remember the rules :)


  1. We call ours a 'lakehouse'. Slang for tailer on the lake?

  2. I wanna go there!!! I promise I will play by the rules!! Please, can I....Please!!!!!