Sunday, April 17, 2011

And so we "meet"...

So I met the "guys" today.

And it was awesome.

First, I just have to say these are 2 of the cutest men ever.  Really.  And they were cute together.  I could tell they were just meant to be with each other.  Just the way they presented themselves--it was too cool.

I was slightly nervous going into the call, which is odd because I don't normally get nervous.  I played the National Anthem on my sax for a soccer game a few years ago in front of a crowd of thousands and wasn't nervous...but this morning I was (a bit).  I just wanted them to like me.  I wanted them to feel the same way that I did, just after reading their short profile.

I didn't go into the call with any questions written out or any thoughts in my head.  I didn't want it to be a job interview or anything like that.  I just wanted it to be a free-flowing conversation--and that's what it was.

And I love them.

Love in the "I can't wait to carry a child for them" sense.

Based on the call, it seems they're happy with me too.  Could they have been just saying that? Sure...but I don't think that's the case.  It just felt "right"....hard to explain, I guess.  But know this-I want this more than anything now.

I'm already thinking of things we can do when they come visit. 

Sadly, my husband wasn't able to be on the call with us, so I'm hoping we can set up another time to chat with him included.  I think he'll be just as pleased as I was.

So many emotions-excited, happy, anxious!

And because I'm confident in this, I'm going to call them my "IP's". 


  1. Woo-hoooo!!! Let's hear it for IP's!!! I am so happy for all of you! Can't wait for you to be preggers!!! (I am secretly wishing for a July/August transfer for you! ;)

  2. That's great Jesse! I had a very similar experience with my IF's. It just feels right when it is right! :) Hooray for a match!

  3. Great news! See - nothing to worry about at all :)

  4. That's great! I'm sure they feel the same way:)

  5. That's awesome! I'm so happy for you!