Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's officially official. I have IP's.

I got THE e-mail from "K" at the agency this morning! (they were closed yesterday)

She said she heard back from the "guys" and here's what they said (and I really hope they don't mind me sharing this...): "there was an instant connection between us and we are very excited to get matched with such a nice person."

Could you die?  Tell me they aren't the sweetest men ever?

Also in "K"'s e-mail it read:  Congratulations you are now "officially" matched!

Now onto the next steps!!  (medical screening and contracts)


PS--though I'm surrounded by happiness and awesome things with the guys "T" and "H", I'm a little bitter about something:

It's April, right?  I had no idea...feels like January. Poo.


  1. HURRAAYYYYYYYYY for IPs and hurray for great guys!!!! Awesome..can't wait to follow your journey!!! And keep that snow...we don't want any of it...wow,that does look like January! UGH!

  2. Wonderful!!!!!!!!!! So excited and happy for ya!!

    p.s. Not cool about snow in April!! But, you got a pretty picture there!! ;)

  3. YAAAAAYYYYY!!!!!!! Congrats on the match!
    Boo to snow! At least it's not 90 degrees like it is here in Dallas! Ugh!

  4. Awesome!!!! How incredibly exciting!! Officially matched!

    Yeah...that snow is lame. It's time Mother Nature...it's time.

    Congrats Jesse!