Friday, April 15, 2011

Some things

Some updates and rants and things of note (at least of my note)...

I've got a "skype" appointment with the guys on Sunday morning!  Aaack! So excited!  Slightly nervous.  Very happy. 

I'm old.  At least I feel old.  I just discovered this yesterday.  I was listening to a CD that someone left in the party bus--it was a homemade CD from a youngin'.  I was pretty happy that I actually had heard most of the songs (ex: Marry Me by Bruno Mars, On the Floor by JLo).  There was one song on it and I was totally jammin' out to it.  I played it for my husband and said "husband, this is my new favorite song"...and his reply "that's an old song".  Sure enough, I Googled it and the darn song came out in 2007.  WHERE HAVE I BEEN????  The song is Cupid Shuffle...I've NEVER heard the song before...again, WHERE HAVE I BEEN?  I used to be a DJ-I used to know songs before everyone else even heard the first note.  And here I am...4 years late to the party.  But, I will be in my own little party and jam out to the song as I see fit--cause I like it.

I just finished Week 3, Day 2 of the Couch to 5K!  Still going strong.  Do I feel like I'm dying every time I run? Fo shizzle.

Did you all go to your high school prom?  Did you love it?  Hate it?  Let's just say for me, high school was just okay.  My problem was that I was smart and a music geek.  I had friends in all the cliques but wasn't at the top of the popularity list; however I got along with everyone.  Mostly everyone.

Anyway, I bring this up right now because my husband is getting non-stop calls for limo service for proms...and these "kids" are nearly impossible to deal with.  He's to the point of not even accepting prom runs--mostly they don't know where they're going, no one has a credit card to do the deposit, they book and then cancel because they can't find enough people to go--it's causing him some angst.  Oh, and then when he actually does the run it's like dealing with teenagers.  Oh wait...

This is me...prom...1996.  Please don't laugh.  My date:  a dear friend named Mandi.  We had a good time.  Oh--and that dress--I made it :)  Thinking back, I could have been a better date and rented a limo...


  1. Don't stress. They are going to love you!
    Do you still sew? I have no idea how you could have made a whole dress. Awesome. I can't even sew a button back on - let alone hem a pant leg.

  2. Sunday!!!!!! Yay!!!!

    Am I excited for you????

    FO SHIZZZZZLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  3. Good luck on the Skype meeting!

    AFM, I went to prom only 2 years, my sophomore year, and senior year. Both times, I didn't care for the actual prom, but the dinner before was nice, and the parties after were what mattered to me! :) I lived in such a small town, limos weren't the was drive your own d#mn self, LOL!

  4. Your prom dress does make me chuckle! I thought you were a very cool smart, band geek and have fond memories of giggling about something in Mr. Harris' pre-calc/calc class. There aren't too many band "geeks" with cool tattoos. :)