Tuesday, April 12, 2011


A few of you have texted me wondering what the heck is going on--so I apologize for my lack of updating...

But I don't really have any updates :(

The agency has a 3-day time period in which both a surrogate and the potential IP's can get back to them with a yes or no on the profile.  Of course I said yes right away so the agency sent my profile to the "guys" and I didn't hear anything...so in a follow up to the agency yesterday I found out that the guys hadn't responded as of yet.  So, that can mean a number of things:
  • They didn't like my profile and chose to just not say anything
  • They didn't get the e-mail (apparently it was a pretty big file, so this is totally possible)
  • They're on vacation in a far away land and can't access their e-mail
  • They're overly excited with my profile and can't bring themselves to let the agency know how darn excited they are
Of course I hope it's the last one--but I don't know.  I LOVED their profile and really really really hope they pick me and say yes.  As soon as I saw their pictures, I knew that this would be awesome.  I totally understand this is a huge decision and one to not take lightly--in due time, I'll get my IP's :)

So, I'm in the little surro limbo world kinda.  I told the agency I was willing to wait longer to ensure they've gotten my profile and were able to review it...so we'll see!

I'll update ya'll as soon as I find out!


  1. I'm pretty sure it's reason #4! I also wondered about reason #3! And as you know...I already wondered if it was reason #2. Definitely not reason #1. You're right though...you're gonna get your IP's. The perfect IP's. And this wait will have seemed like nothin'! Hugs!!!

  2. Ugh! That must be torture! When I was matched, we went straight to meeting, and I knew when we left it was a match. I called the agency the next morning (like, right at 9:00 am when I know they usually get there!) to let them know I was in, and had to wait just a few hours to hear back from IF's, and that was HARD! I'm sure you're pacing the floor waiting! I'm sure it's reason #4, they're just being slow! :)

  3. Ugghhh waiting is torture and if you have read my blog (yeah shameless plug lol)..waiting= surrogacy...surrogacy=waiting...lol...you will get your PERFECT IPS and they will love you !!

  4. The surrogacy wait is poop-y, ha! I'm gonna cross my fingers that they just haven't had a chance to respond yet. Looking forward to the next update. :)

  5. I hate the waiting part. Always the hardest!! Soon enough, it'll be your turn though!!!! I always felt like, "Gosh, I wanna hurry up and just be helping somebody already!!!" :)