Saturday, April 2, 2011

"Why ya goin' to the airport? Flyin' somewhere?"

Please, call me Lloyd Christmas tonight.

Yes, folks...I will be a limo driver, no wait--a chauffeur, tonight.  After some begging and pleading from my "boss" (aka my husband on any other day) I was talked into driving for him.  I don't normally drive that often--I prefer my weekends to be full of cooking new foods and watching a movie or catching up on the DVR.  But, I gave in.  Plus, when I drive I make him give me the full fare amount (not just an hourly wage plus tips) so I'll make out pretty decent.  Mommy needs a new purse, anyway.  :)

I guess it's a birthday party--a guy surprising his wife.  Only 6 people, but I'm driving the 10 passenger.  It's from 9pm until 2am...dear Lord, please help me to stay awake and alert, considering I'm usually in bed by 9pm....

PS-I did do Week 1, Day 3 today.  It sucked.  On to Week 2 next week!!!

I hope you're all having a great weekend!

My motto for the evening: where is my dang hat....??

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