Friday, May 27, 2011

Contract done.

So, our contract is done.  Signed and sent off to the agency.  And I got confirmation today they received it. 

Holy cow.  This is really happening.  YAHOOO!

And it's T minus 1 week until I get to meet the boys in person!  Another YAHOOOO!

And just cause I think this is somewhat amusing:

I hope you all have a wonderful, super, awesome Memorial Day weekend!! Enjoy yourselves, enjoy your family, enjoy a few cocktails (those of you that are not pregnant).

We're headed to Door County for some Trailer Livin' tomorrow!  Hello Oreo's for breakfast!

PS-I'm a little irritated with blogger because I can't comment on blogs--so if I haven't made a comment on yours in a few days, it's not becuase I don't love ya!!


  1. Hooray for signed contracts.....and Oreos for breakfast!! :)

  2. Yay for contracts!! Wish me there soon please!!!! Have a great weekend, Sweetie!!

  3. Yay! We just got ours done too! Have a great weekend!

  4. Awesome new! Congrats to getting one step closer:)

  5. Contracts out of the way means one big step!!! :) Congrats....can't wait to hear about "the meeting!"

  6. Congrats!! That's a big step out of the way! You'll be preggo before you know it! :-)