Friday, May 6, 2011

Doo bee doo bee dooooooo

This is what my life has become.  A never ending kitchen counter top of champagne and rock glasses.  And a bunch of bananas.

But I like it.

Especially the bananas.

Nothing horribly exciting going on in the life of JesseX2 + 3 at the moment...

In surro news, we're working on the contract right now.  30 pages of fun stuff.  Thankfully, the agency has assigned a lawyer to me and she's been great.  I got the initial contract earlier this week and went back with some "counter offers", if you will. I don't suspect any huge issues.  The only big issue I foresee is the part about celibacy.  It's going to take some serious convincing on my part for my husband to sign it. LOL!  I'm kidding.

I think.

This weekend is a biggie for us.  London will be sharing her birthday with Mother's Day this year--she's turning 2 on Sunday!  My little oopsie-I just can't believe it.

And since I'm feeling a little reminiscent:
Here she is, just a few minutes old.  At this very moment I was likely laying in the hospital bed saying the words "a girl? seriously?" over and over and over.  I TOTALLY thought she was going to be a boy.  I was 150% sure she was a boy.  Just goes to show you just never know...

And here's my peanut now, skinny jeans and all:
We're having a small little family party for her on Sunday at the nursing home where my mom lives.  It will be a nice time, I'm sure.  There will be cake.  And pink balloons.  Seriously, I've never heard of a bad thing happening when cake and pink balloons are involved.

That's about it.  I'll catch you all on the flip side with some party updates and will likely do an ode to my mom, too.  Cause she's the shiznit.


  1. Oh my - I love the my oopsie. My mom was an oopsie and always makes so many jokes about it. AND she was an oopsie that suprised her 42 year old mom!

  2. Yeah, that celibacy thing could be a dealbreaker, hehe! We had to go through it while being put up in a nice hotel WITH NO KIDS...bummer.