Saturday, May 21, 2011

The power of Craigslist

I'd like to tell you a little story about my sales skills this past week.  I rocked it.  (we'll get to "it" in a moment)

As I mentioned in a previous blog post, I'm purging.  It's not like I'm a hoarder--I'm just getting rid of stuff that needs to be gotten rid of...candles that have only 8 seconds left to burn, nail polish you can't even shake anymore because it's so hard, crap I won playing Mulligan with the family (I'll explain that some day), clothes that I haven't worn in a year...stuff that I/we don't need anymore.

Oh, and a hot tub and truck.  Those were two more things on the purging list.

I won't get into how we acquired the hot tub and the truck (maybe some day I'll tell when I have absolutely nothing to write about), but both were not being used and were, in my opinion, very much an eye sore.

So last week Wednesday, I took some pictures of each and decided to list the hot tub on Craigslist. (does anyone know who Craig is, anyway?? hmmm...)

I listed the hot-tub in the "free" section.  Within about 20 minutes I got about 10 e-mails.  I just answered them as they came in--first come, first served.  The first guy said he would pass because he didn't think his wife would let him have it (uh, duh...maybe you should have asked her about it before you sent me the e-mail??).  The second guy said he'd take it and would be over that evening to look at it.  He came, he saw, he liked.  He picked it up on Thursday night and gave me an 18 pack of Miller Lite as payment.  One down, piece of sh*t truck to go....

The truck was Jesse's.  He got it really really cheap a few years ago.  Didn't really use it for anything important, but it was nice to have if the Vue wasn't cuttin' it.  He thought about donating it to Rawhide but would have had to tow it since the brakes have been shot for the past few months.  It would have been too much of a hassle.  So, he thought he'd just list on Craigslist for free just to get the thing off our property.  I e-mailed Jesse the photos I had taken and he planned on listing it that next day.

Back to Wednesday--once I got the confirmation the guy was going to take the tub, I e-mailed everyone else back, thanking them for their interest, but that the tub has been accounted for.  However, I wanted to be a jokester and try something out on 2 of those to them I wrote "Thank you for your interest in the tub, but it's no longer available; however I do have a 1989 GMC truck that we're giving away for 2 cases of beer if you're interested".

And would you believe that BOTH of the people wrote me back and said "yeah, I'm interested". HA HA!

Let me show you guys this truck and you'll see why I'm cyber laughing...

See?  Crap with a capital C.
So, I e-mailed the first guy back some pictures of the truck and gave a full disclaimer:  it doesn't have working breaks, the gas tank leaks so you have to have a gas can with a siphon on the dash, the back-window is broken out of it...

Oh, and everything that was in the bed of the truck leaves with the truck.  That was not negotiable.

Within about 2 minutes of me sending the photos and giving my very detailed disclaimers on it all, "Joe" said he'd pick it up on Friday.

I'm sorry, what??  You WANT this truck?  You can't even drive it home-you'll have to tow it.

And guess what.  The truck is gone.  Joe came and left yesterday morning.  And dropped off 2 cases of beer as payment.

Anyone have anything they need to get rid of? I'm your girl!


  1. I have a SH*T-TON of stuff to get rid of, LMAO! That's awesome I wish I drank beer maybe I can do mine for wine instead, I LOVE IT!

  2. You the woman!!! Fo Shizzle! :)

  3. This is Craigslist not the greatest thing? I buy and sell on there all the time, however, I have never listed anything under "free" but it is AMAZING what people list on "free". You go girl..that is great!

  4. That is hilarious! And my hubby would have been the one to get that truck too, Lord bless him...

  5. I know I'm late, but I do know who Craig is. :-) Never met him personally, but I used to be able to point out his apartment when my bus drove by it.