Sunday, June 19, 2011


Some thanks...

To my dad:  Thanks for being the world's best drywaller.  (no really, he is).  His best quote ever:  "We're not building the Taj Mahal, we're just remodeling it".

To my step-dad: Thanks for making my mom happy.

To my baby-daddy: Thanks for making cute babies with me.  And thanks for teaching our children everything a dad should: how to build and start big fires with and without gasoline, how to fix the lawn mower, how to shine tires, etc...

To my father-in-law:  No comment (oh, that will deserve it's own blog-post some day when I have enough guts to do it)...

To T & H: I know you're not fathers yet, but you will be.  And you're going to be awesome at parenthood.  Thank you for letting me help make that dream come true.

And to all you men out there, whether you're a dad or not or not yet, thank you for being you.  And Happy Father's Day.

I leave you with a photo.  This is what my husband was doing bright and early on this beautiful day:
Nice PJ's.

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