Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I love the internet.

Without it, I wouldn’t have met such awesome people—2 of which offered to watch my kids for me so Jesse and I could travel for the med screening.

Seriously, I’ve been crying ever since.

You see, I’ve not met either one of these girls in person. Our “relationships” began on the web, through this blog, actually. Jeni and Kristal, the appreciation I have for what you offered to do for me is not something I can put into words. The idea that you offered to watch my children for me is truly amazing. I cry as I type this—to know that there are people in this world that I haven’t even met, willing to help me out is just awesome. Thank you for your offer and thank you for your friendship. I will treasure every bit of that relationship we have forever.

Fortunately, I was able to find someone locally to watch the kidlets for me (friends), so all is good.  I still feel awful having to burden someone else with my children--it's not them, it's me.  My kids are fine with other people and are really decent children.  It's just asking someone to watch 3 of them at one, especially for an overnight--I just hate doing that to someone.  Yeah, I need to get over that.

So, my med screening is concretely scheduled for next week Thursday (the 30th)! Jesse and I will fly out to NYC (closest airport to the clinic) on the 29th and come back the afternoon of the 30th.  A quick trip, but I'm really looking forward to it!  I'll be a nice little 24 hour mini-vacation for us, with some blood draws and a little looky at my uterus.
And in other awesome news, the guys have picked their egg donor! Ya to the Hoo!
I'm going to go back to what I said in my title.  I love the Internet.  You, my treasured blog readers, are awesome.  Jeni and Kristal-thank you again for your offer.  I'm surrounded by such amazing cyber friends.


  1. I love the internet too!! :-) Glad you got someone to watch the kiddos. And YAY for the medical screening being scheduled!

  2. I love my fellow surro sisters!! We are all very lucky to have one another. So, I know EXACTLY how you feel about Kristal and Jeni. <3

    Yay for screenings!!! Looks like you and I both will be screening next week. Yippeeeeee!!!!!

  3. Hooray for bloodwork and looksies at the uterus!! Now we're talkin' business!!! I can't even begin to imagine life anymore without my ling lost, so I love the internet too!! :-)

  4. The internet is pretty awesome! I know exactly what you mean about asking friends to watch the kids. I'm lucky I have 2 really good friends local to me that I can count on. I still hate asking...3 is a lot of kids to watch (and they have young kids of their own too)!

    Have fun on your little mini-vacation!

  5. Woah! I didn't realize you would be traveling to NYC for this process! Enjoy! You shouldn't feel bad asking for help with your kids especially for such a worthy cause.

    I am surprised you haven't met Kristal in real life?! I'm not surprised she offered to take in your 3 in addition to her 4 though. She is like that! :)

  6. I wish I were local, you know I'd help out in a heartbeat! Best of luck on your "mini getaway". So exciting to get the ball rolling.

  7. Yaaaaaa!! It's a quick trip but try to have some fun while you are there for your med screening. You'll have more time when you head back for transfer!!! I'm so excited for you.

  8. Thanks a lot! Now you've got me crying. :)

    People want to help you because you are someone who helps others! It really just reflects how wonderful you are!